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10 Healthy Places and Activities for a First Date

10 Healthy Places and Activities for a First DateJade Spilka suggests you might be a little bit more original, healthy-and adventurous in your choice of a venue for a first date.

Choosing the venue and activities for a first date can be a hard decision. There are so many options, but you always want to take your time in choosing which would be the best for the both of you. If you and your date both enjoy healthy fitness activities, here is a list of ideas to try for your first date!

1. Take a hike at
Radnor Lake State Park
Hikes are a great way to get to know each other. Have a relaxing time in nature while getting to know each other. A hike allows ample time for conversation and questions. You two will get a lot of alone time together to enjoy your surrounding and get in some exercise. Radnor Lake State Park is a great place to explore. The beauty of Radnor Lake (pictured above) is undeniable and would serve as the ultimate backdrop for a romantic day out.

2. Go rock climbing at The Crag
With locations in both Nashville and Franklin, The Crag is the perfect place for a first date. Enjoy rock climbing and letting loose all while getting to know how the other person handles challenges. This unique experience will surprise your date with your fun creativity. Dates are suppose to be spontaneous and enjoyable and there is no better place for that than The Crag! The date will be a fun and challenging experience for you both. I guarantee it will be a date you both remember!

3. Take a fitness class at
Barry’s Bootcamp
I guess they call this killing two birds with one stone. Enjoy your date while also getting in your daily workout. Barry’s Bootcamp is intense but will offer a way for you to both push your limits. This date idea isn’t for everybody, but for the major fitness enthusiasts, it is a way to show off your skills and impress your date! It will most definitely be a one of a kind date that he or she has most likely never experienced.

4. Eat at the Sunflower Cafe
If getting exercise isn’t your idea of the perfect first date, just stick to a healthy lunch or dinner! The Sunflower Cafe is one of Nashville’s vegetarian restaurant spots. Enjoy healthy and delicious food in this charming, quaint and quirky restaurant. The adorable aesthetic will offer a lively atmosphere for you and your date to relax and enjoy yourselves. Plus, you’ll be making healthy food choices at the same time!

5. Go to the Juice Bar
Just like a coffee date, the Juice Bar provides a great place to casually meet up and get to know each other. The relaxed and effortless environment makes the Juice Bar a great choice. This healthy option is a great alternative to a coffee date and a delicious alternative, too! This is a great first date idea to go on with someone you just met so that there isn’t much pressure. With many locations to choose from, the Juice Bar is easily accessible to anyone in the Middle Tennessee area.

6. Do the Whole Foods Challenge
The Whole Foods Challenge is a competition where you and your date split off for 10 to 15 minutes and run through the store searching for items to use on your date. You can buy healthy snacks, wine or anything else you think you both will enjoy. The kicker is that you can’t spend more than $20 each. If you go over the price limit, you lose.

7. Try the triathlon date
No, this doesn’t mean signing up to do a triathlon together. The triathlon date is when you choose 3 fun activities for and your date to do. For example, you could go hiking, kayaking and have lunch. It is a great way to get to know your date in a few different settings. You definitely won’t get bored on this date!

8. Go at the Wildhorse Saloon
Burn off some calories and enjoy an exciting evening dancing. Don’t worry if you don’t already know how to dance. A lot of venues with dance floors and live music offer lessons directly before the dance begins. The Wildhorse Saloon is a great place to go with a date because they offer line dancing lessons, a live band and a lively atmosphere that screams Nashville.

9. Host your own walking tour
Give your date a tour of either your hometown or your current neighborhood. Show them where you like to eat, where you went to school and where your favorite hiding spots are. As you pass certain landmarks, tell him or her stories from things you have experienced there. It’s a great way for you two to get to know each other and for you to experience some of your favorite places with a special person.

10. Take a cooking class together
Learn to cook a new healthy meal at a local cooking class. You’ll leave the class having great memories with your date and also newfound knowledge on how to cook healthy. You’ll also be giving your date the gift of learning a new healthy recipe. Plus, you’ll get to eat what you cooked!


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