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10 ways to look forward to Monday Mornings

10 ways to look forward to Monday MorningsThere are ways to start the week feeling upbeat and positive. Paul English suggests that taking up some of these ideas might help.

The prospect of Monday morning’s slog to work can start ruining your weekend by Sunday evening. But it needn’t be the nightmarish prospect so many of us suffer every week. Here’s a few ideas to make that Monday morning, if not something to look forward to, at least enjoy.
It all boils down to a change in attitude and, or, a small change in the morning ritual we all slide into. They say a change is as good as a rest, so plan to do something a little different from your normal writ in stone regimen.

1)    We all like something to look forward to, so why not arrange a Monday morning breakfast, coffee or lunch meeting with a friend? Preferably not someone from your office who could ‘contaminate’ you with all the negative happenings among your work colleagues.
2)    Get up a few minutes early (yes I know, it’s difficult) and try and put a brake on the maniac rush to get to work. Take a short walk, or sit down with your coffee and breakfast and read for a few minutes.

3)    Don’t read, watch or listen to the news, it invariably is all bad and negative and certainly doesn’t put you in a good mood. You can’t change any of it, so save it for later.

4)    If you walk or cycle to work, take a different route. You may discover some interesting shops, buildings, parks, anything that breaks the Monday morning drudge.

5)    If you drive, listen to something on the Radio or your Phone that is amusing, educational, or positive. It is a wonderful fillip for the spirits.
6)    Listen to some uplifting music, find a Classical piece of music you like that may (briefly) transport you to a more enjoyable environment.

7)    Those few extra minutes you gained by waking up early? Treat yourself to a nice coffee and croissant in a quiet café. Sit down and enjoy it, don’t fly through Starbucks without even pausing for breath.

8)    If you can, every now and then, take Monday morning off, or even a couple of hours, and indulge yourself. Do any of the above, but at a more leisurely pace. Break the routine so not every Monday morning is the same. Arrive in the office refreshed and in a better frame of mind.

9)    Plan to organize something you’ll enjoy. Get in a few minutes early and book that long weekend, that visit to the Theatre or a Concert, or to see a friend.

10)    Spread your new found positive attitude and take in some donuts, biscuits or candies for your work colleagues. Their appreciation and thanks will make you feel better.

Maybe not for a Monday morning,
but worth doing anyway:
Write to someone, and when I say write, I mean as in Pen on Paper. Not only will it give you a chance to tell the recipient what you’re up to and planning, but, believe me, nowadays for anyone to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill is an uplifting experience for them. Especially if they are of the older generation, where Facebook is not their ‘go to’ place to find out about what the rest of the world is doing.
Just knowing you will have given someone a really pleasant surprise by sending them a personal letter will produce a positive reaction within yourself.

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