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14 incredible health benefits of eating dark chocolate

14 incredible health benefits of eating dark chocolateDark chocolate is not a guilty pleasure; it actually comes with many health benefits, writes Jacky Miller with EcoWatch.com. Real dark chocolate—not processed and sweetened milk chocolate—is chock-full of incredible health benefits.

Some nutrients are destroyed in the process of making chocolate available for the general market. Check the label: Chocolate with a 60 percent or higher cocoa content is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants. Often called bittersweet, it has minimal sugar. The best way to get all the nutrients from chocolate is simply to use unsweetened cocoa nibs. The bitter, crunchy, seed-like snack isn’t the best-tasting treat, but its nutritional profile makes it worthwhile.

For details about how dark chocolate helps in each of these 14 ways and to try three delicious dark chocolate recipes, visit www.ecowatch.com.

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