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8 Essential Health Tips for Women

Women are called on to overcome many challenges and obstacles each day. Unfortunately, because of all the responsibilities and commitments in life, it can sometimes be hard to find time to take care of yourself. Nevertheless, to keep being all you need to be to everyone, you must learn to make your health a top priority.Listed are some key tips for getting your health on track so you can keep being all you need to be.

1. Take a Chill Pill
Life is stressful and if you aren’t careful the pressures of everyday tasks and responsibilities can have you tied in knots. You can begin to suffer from frequent headaches, stomach problems, trouble sleeping, and your blood pressure will shoot off the charts.That’s why it is imperative to learn coping techniques to combat the tensions of everyday life. Practicing yoga, meditation, and learning deep breathing techniques are all some fantastic ways to help you relax and release that pent-up tension and anxiety.

2. Catch More Z’s
Women are notorious for not getting enough rest. Often women consider sleep as a luxury they can’t afford. However, in reality, a good night sleep is a vital part of being healthy. Getting enough rest is crucial in helping to fight off ailments such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other serious health risks.

3. Add Some Protein to Your Diet
Making sure you eat enough foods that contain protein can help keep you full of energy, your metabolism going, and blood sugar levels stable. Some of the best sources of protein come from animals such as wild fish, grass-fed beef, organic chicken, and free-range eggs. You can also find protein in some lentils, raw milk, and black beans. Ingesting the recommended 46 grams of protein per day can also boost brainpower and help control appetite.

4. Make Love
The kids are screaming, the phone is always ringing, and your boss needs the report by noon tomorrow.  Who has time for sex? Does this sound like your life? Even if making love is the last thing on your mind, you should still consider scheduling in a little private time with your partner. Recent studies have shown that having enjoyable sex on a regular basis can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, as well as reduce the risk of several chronic diseases.

5. Get Moving!
Engaging in regular exercise is an excellent way to fight osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Keeping fit can also be good for your mental health. Physical activities such as walking, running or swimming can give your selfesteem a boost and decrease feelings of depression and anxiety. To burn extra calories and build muscle mass, spend an hour or so a week weight lifting in addition to your regular exercise regimen.

6. Visit the Doctor Regularly
Seeing your physician on a regular basis allows him/her to keep track of valuable information such cholesterol and blood pressure readings, and other medical history. By doing so, he/she will be in a better position to treat you should a problem arise. It is also important to keep routine appointments for exams such as pap tests and mammograms.

7. Brush, Floss, Repeat
Not only is practicing good oral hygiene essential for preventing tooth decay and bad breath, but it is also vital to your overall health. Oral infections and other problems involving the teeth and gums can affect major organs as well as cause digestion problems. Recently, there has even been a link discovered between gum disease and heart disease. So, grab your toothbrush and floss and get busy!
8. Get Enough Vitamin D
Unfortunately, most women are deficient in vitamin D. Yet it plays a vital role in preventing osteoporosis and keeping the immune system functioning properly. It can also help to reduce the risk of contracting diseases of the heart, multiple sclerosis and even viruses such as the flu. Known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D is best regulated by the body when absorbed via the sun. However, due to the risk of skin cancer, getting enough can be risky. Luckily, there are many other ways to get the recommended 600 international units (IUs) per day. For example, many brands of milk, orange juice, and cereal have already been fortified with vitamin D. It can also be found in mushrooms, pork, and fatty fish such as salmon, trout, tuna, mackerel, and eel. There is also a supplement available if you aren’t getting enough of the vitamin through your diet.

As a woman, you must wear many hats and juggle a lot of tasks. For this reason, neglecting your health is not an option. You always take care of everyone else; now you must decide to take care of yourself. Decide today to become a healthier and thus happier you!

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