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Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals Naturally

By Karina Hammer, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals NaturallyAchieving your ideal weight is a very big, important step to establishing optimal health. Wellness coaches can work in tandem with a client’s doctor, nutritionist, or registered dietician to craft a plan that works best for each individual.

There can be various ways to accomplish this – and while many methods work for only a portion of the population, it’s important to consider the ones that are right for you: not just trends, fads, diets, or popular programs that tend to work for only some people.

This is where natural weight loss methods come into play. Compared to standard, conventional weight-loss plans – which tend to have a one-method-fits-all approach – natural weight loss alternatives open up new avenues for you, giving you options that mainstream plans wouldn’t, and thus increasing the chance for success.

A wellness coach can also help you tweak, restructure, and remodel various plans in ways that would be much more impactful, successful, and effective for your individual needs.

Natural vs. Mainstream Weight Loss
With natural approaches, wellness coaches can take a few other routes and approaches firsthand when working with clients, in order to ensure that they are getting a plan that is right for you.

It may also serve you well to use popular weight loss plans as inspiration, but instead give them a more natural twist – or personalize them to incorporate more whole, organic foods, or whichever alterations are best for you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Depending on your needs, only some very simple changes and recommendations might need to be made and kept. It’s helpful to have guidance and support from a wellness coach to help you stay focused and accountable during your weight loss journey.

Karina Hammer is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in digestive and vocal health.

She is available for personal consultations, workshops and seminars, conferences and keynotes, speaking engagements, telesummits and media appearances.


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