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ADHD-increasing due to Genetics?

With some 12% of US children now diagnosed with ADHD – an increase of 43% in just over a decade – a new report from Science Daily suggests that the causes could be found in toxic heavy metals that have been increasingly passed by genetics from one generation to the next. These are found in our food because of commercial pesticides and the polluted air we breathe.

A further study confirmed this and added that the recycling of electronic waste, processed food and even baby formula all contain toxic chemicals. Heavy metals build up in the body and can cause a host of neurological problems including ADHD, OCD, Anxiety and Depression.

The report suggests that many of the effects of heavy metals and toxins in the body can be reduced with the correct diet, with a particular emphasis on avoiding processed foods and concentrating more on organic
vegetables and fruit. For the full story, go to emaxhealth.com

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