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All Things Health & Wellness : Fitness Review With Alicia STUDIO NOVO

Novo StudioWhat’s all the hype? Well let me tell you… it’s the MEGAFORMER: an exercise machine that will leave your muscles quivering for more. This 50 minute class focuses on time, not reps, each movement last up to 60 seconds and works a ton of muscles at once. Be prepared to hold positions, with resistance, and right when you think you can’t hold it one more second, the instructor asks you to pulse.. I thought “Oh My Quad” my muscles are screaming.. then I look at the wall in front of me “Embrace The Shake”. I told myself that my muscles are shaking because this is making me stronger and thinner! Push thru it, you can do it! In one class an average person burns 600-800 calories.

I thought this class may attract only people who prefer the amped-up pace and high energy atmosphere, but it attracts all levels of fitness and ages. If your goal is to increase flexibility, improve strength, tone muscles, lose inches, improve balance and posture.. then this class is for you. I took the class yesterday with Anna Tefel, the owner, it was a great class, she is easy to listen to and understand, she gives modifications and also tells you how you can make it more advanced (which is not what I chose). My abs are so sore today, it hurts to sneeze, and with all the different exercises I do, I can tell you that this will definitely shrink my thighs! I have called several friends to join me, we may book all 10 spots and have a megaformer party!

2 Locations:
West Meade
99 White Bridge Rd

9040 Carothers Pkwy

If you have questions, please email Anna Tefel for information NovoNashville@gmail.com

Mention this article and you can get 1 month unlimited for $100.

Facebook – Studio Novo Cool Springs & Studio Novo Nashville

6 Need-To-Know Tips Before Going To Studio Novo Megaformer Class

  1. Wear a tank top, form fitting bottoms (no flared pants) and bring a towel/wear a headband
  2. Pre-hydrate and bring a large bottle of water to ensure hydration during and after class
  3. Decide if you need no-toe non-slip/grip socks for standing on the machine/floor (they sell them at the studio for $12).
  4. Go to your 1st class early, to have time to watch a class in action and examine the machine and fill out paper work
  5. Remember that the resistance level is adjustable by number of springs and color
  6. Be smart, inform the instructor if you are injured/recovering for exercise modifications.

If you are interested in having your fitness class reviewed, please call Alicia at 615-521-0561 for details. Also, visit us online atwww.tnhealthandwellness.com to read our fitness review blog.

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