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All Things Health & Wellness with Alicia

Photon Genius of NashvilleI received a call from Darlene Rosselli last week.

“Alicia, I have a unique business that I would like for you to come review, it’s not a workout, it’s an energy sauna that works by using Non UV Infrared Lights to boost overall health.” She had me at Sauna!

I almost researched it before I went but I wanted to experience the infrared sauna myself without mental persuasion. I went in with a clear mind and I wanted to enjoy the solitude and the overall 30 minute sauna therapy session.

Darlene prepared the room for me. I had total privacy, water, towels and serene music. I was asked to disrobe and stand or sit in front of the multi colored lights (NON UV).

Darlene also told me that I would sweat but it’s a different sweat than when I exercise (sympathetic vs. parasympathetic). This kind of sweat comes from a restful state rather than a “fight-or-flight” state.

The session started. I was comfortable in my seated position. I told myself to relax and breathe in with the good, out with the bad (like I would do in Yoga). After 10 minutes, the sweat was dripping. It was hot, but not uncomfortable. It was not like a dry sauna, the temperature was not that hot. The lights are designed to warm your body without warming the space around you. This will benefit patients who, for example, have heart disease who would certainly not tolerate a sauna, but who can tolerate FIRS (Far

Infrared Sauna) very comfortably.

When the session was over, I felt relaxed and happy, like I had a massage. I used the cool towel from the fridge that smelled like lavender, drank my water and felt better than I did when I arrived.

So here is the deal. .. we live in a chemically polluted world. Chemicals are detoxified through the liver, they are also detoxified through the skin by exhalation and sweat.

The most physiological way to do this is by exercising, but some people are not well enough or have injuries that prevent them from physical activity. I would recommend Photon Genius of Nashville for people who want to lift their mood by releasing Serotonin, detoxify nasty chemicals, and alleviate pain and inflammation. I would also recommend this treatment to athletes for injury prevention and treatment (did I mention this can reduce lactic acid buildup in your muscles, hello …. easier recovery from workouts- yes please !).

The Photon Genius is also known for burning calories, helping with skin problems, heartburn, gout, stomach problems, asthma, regenerating cells and reducing blood pleasure.

There is current published research in the Journal of AMA, Journal of Immunology and New England Journal of Medicine showing the dynamics of Photon Technology with all listed symptoms.

I only did 1 session. After 3 sessions, your body will begin to acclimate to the lights and you will start experiencing overall health benefits. Darlene is more than happy to discuss testimonies with you. Please call Darlene for more information, 615-268-4205. You can also visit her on Facebook under Photon Genius of Nashville, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

Her website is

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