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And you thought these foods were healthy to eat

Just as it seems you found some tasty food that is good for you, along comes a report that says otherwise. This time is from the Nutritionists at

They claim that: Coconut oil is high in fat, fruit juice is high in calories, and even Sushi, while great on the protein front, can be high in sodium. Other foods that fail the diet test include: granola, frozen yogurt, and spreads.

Even smoothies and trail mixes can be bad news on the health front unless you pick one low in sugar and calories. Musclefood’s Darren Beale suggests that when it comes to smoothies,“you should make your own, and when at your own favorite sushi bar, you should stick to ones with unrefined white rice.” Ultimately, all of these taken in moderation are not fattening, but probably not helpful if you’re trying to eat really healthily.

How vegetables are described effects how people choose them. Apparently, most consumers in restaurants and supermarkets perceive healthy foods as less tasty. Researchers at JAMA decided to test whether labelling and describing vegetables with “flavorful, exciting and indulgent descriptions typically reserved for less healthy foods could increase vegetable consumption.” They deliberately labelled healthy vegetables in glowing terms and found 25% more diners selected that vegetable.

For example, green beans were listed as “green beans” (basic), “light ‘n’ low-carb green beans and shallots” (healthy-restrictive), “healthy energy-boosting  green beans and shallots” (healthy-
positive) and “sweet sizzlin’ green beans and crispy shallots” (indulgent). They go on to say: “labelling vegetables with ‘indulgent descriptors’ significantly increases the number of people choosing vegetables, despite no change in their preparation.” They add: “this novel, low-cost intervention could easily be implemented in cafeterias, restaurants and consumer products to increase selection of healthier options.”

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