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Avoiding those ‘embarrassing’ moments

Nashville Health & Wellness regular contributor Sheila McGinnis, expert on all things to do with natural remedies, has some suggestions for something we all suffer from: GAS! “It’s a natural part of digestion but at times it can be not only embarrassing but painful. No need in taking anti acids, which could actually make it worse over time but can interfere with normal digestion”, she explains “Try “de-gassing” foods that are known to cause unflattering flatulence. Add fennel, ginger, or anise to some of your vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts. If beans are an issue, make sure you soak them overnight, drain the water then cook as normal. Drink lemon water before you and after you eat (make sure the water is at room temperature).”

Adding, “ Basil is known to help with gas as well, just steep some leaves for about 10-20 minutes, strain and sip. Bitter herbs such as dandelion greens or arugula help and you can even try store bought bitters in your local health store. Sip on ginger and peppermint tea after a meal.

If you have ginger or peppermint essential oils put a couple of drops in a carrier oil and rub on your stomach area. I know you hear probiotics is for everything but its true that adding probiotics and probiotic foods to your daily plan it will help. Eat more yogurt, sauerkraut, and if you can take the heat kimchi”.

Just taking a walk after dinner can get the gas to move and not sit and ferment. There are several yoga moves that can help as well. Simply bringing your knees into your chest, hug them in and move your torso left and right to get the gas moving.

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