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Cancer & Fatigue – How Park Terrace Assisted Living Can Help!

Cancer & FatigueWhat can be done to help those who are fighting the ultimate battle?

Cancer and the treatments used to help us survive, such as chemotherapy, radiation, and biologic therapy, can cause extreme fatigue. Many patients describe this as feeling tired, weak, heavy, slow, or as having no energy.

Fatigue related to cancer is different from fatigue that healthy people feel.

When a healthy person is tired from their normal daily activities, their fatigue can be helped with sleep and rest. Cancer-related fatigue is different. Cancer patients get tired after less activity and it lasts much longer. Cancer-related fatigue is not completely relieved by sleep and rest. Fatigue usually decreases after cancer treatment ends, but many patients may still feel some fatigue for months or even years.

Fatigue can decrease a patient’s quality of life.

All areas of life can be affected by cancer-related fatigue. Exhaustion can make it difficult, if not impossible, to take part in family activities, relationships, and social and community events. Patients often may miss work or school. They may be forced to spend less time with friends and family and more time sleeping. Many times, this type of fatigue leads to mood changes and depression. “Brain fog” can set in making it hard to pay attention or remember things.

Getting help with fatigue may help alleviate some of these problems and improve quality of life.

Often times, if patients can be helped with the daily activities, such as meal preparations, medication management, housekeeping, bathing assistance and laundry, they can then conserve their energy for family and social activities. This can help fight the onset of depression by keeping spirits up. Of course, finding day-to-day help isn’t always easy when all of our friends and loved ones have their own activities and work schedules.

At Park Terrace Assisted Living, we take all of the stress off of you, helping you or your loved ones get through the day with ease so that quality of life can be the focus!

If you would like more information about how Park Terrace Assisted Living can help, please feel free to stop by or call 731-479-1321 to schedule a personal appointment and tour with our administrator. Another opportunity to experience our community is by joining us for lunch. We would like to invite you to come see why our residents are so happy here at The Park Terrace Assisted Living!

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