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Aromatherapy for Winter Wonderland

Aromatherapy for Winter Wonderland

By Dana Jean Costantino As the winter months are upon us, so is the common cold. However, the cold is anything but common because everyone will experience it in different ways – at different times and feel a different level and intensity of symptoms. Some will make it through winter without the slightest hint of a cold. However, for those of …

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Healthy Holidays to You!

By Karina Hammer, Certified Health & Wellness Coach It’s that time of the year again! It’s time to celebrate the holidays with parties, get-togethers, corporate dinners, and of course the endless family celebrations. While the holidays can sneak up on us, every year doesn’t mean the pounds have to follow. The average American will gain 7-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and …

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URIEL Sound Frequency Therapy

All Things Health & Wellness with Alicia I am all about preventative health. I always have annual physical exams, blood tests, dental exams, I have just started getting annual mammograms, I stay on top of my thyroid levels, and I control my stress by balancing strength training, cardio and yoga. What if we could do more to challenge our health …

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All Things Health & Wellness with Alicia

Photon Genius of Nashville

I received a call from Darlene Rosselli last week. “Alicia, I have a unique business that I would like for you to come review, it’s not a workout, it’s an energy sauna that works by using Non UV Infrared Lights to boost overall health.” She had me at Sauna! I almost researched it before I went but I wanted to experience the infrared sauna …

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All Things Health & Wellness : Fitness Review With Alicia STUDIO NOVO

Novo Studio

What’s all the hype? Well let me tell you… it’s the MEGAFORMER: an exercise machine that will leave your muscles quivering for more. This 50 minute class focuses on time, not reps, each movement last up to 60 seconds and works a ton of muscles at once. Be prepared to hold positions, with resistance, and right when you think you …

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All Things Health & Wellness with Alicia: Boot Camp By Micah

Boot Camp By Micah

This class was referred to me by a friend, she and her husband have been with Micah for a while.. they see great results and most importantly, they enjoy the workout. This class is held at SUMMIT Sports Center in Nolensville, TN. At first glance.. I see the 8:30 class finishing up, then I notice the dry erase board with …

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Pure Barre White Bridge

When I was a young girl, I did ballet (a classical dance form demanding grace and precision). I heard that Barre was derived from ballet, I have been anxious to try it! it is a workout that will give you lean dancer muscles if you make the commitment and there is a ballet bar in the class but dancing is not …

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Studio Cycle

Description copied from : Studio Cycle: Stationary cycle in a group fitness setting. This cardiovascular challenge will push riders to their limits and beyond! Class is easily adaptable for beginners to advanced participation. Participant’s select personal intensity levels…the ultimate calorie burn! My Description: Studio Cycle with Marcie! (the title deserves an explanation mark). Not just a cycle class, more like a cycle …

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All Things Health & Wellness Fitness Review with Alicia

PiYo! On The Floor Fitness at Dance Authority in Cool Springs Pi What?… PiYo! It’s a 60 minute class that combines core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of Yoga. I was introduced to this class in November and I am HOOKED! I’m not going to lie, it requires stamina and focus. Several of us in class have …

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