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Beach Safety – Make Sure Your Beach Time Remains Fun and Safe

A day at the beach is one of the favorite ways families like to spend their vacation or holiday time. However, the beach is a natural environment that may harbor a number of dangers for both children and adults. Make sure your beach time remains a happy time, free of accidents and injuries. Sunburn No matter how much experience people have with sunburns, they always seem to forget their own individual tolerance to ultraviolet rays and suffer a painful burn. Never go to the beach without a good supply of sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Re-apply the sunscreen frequently, even if the label says it will last for hours. Sweat and water will wash off the sunscreen, leaving you vulnerable to severe burns. Children, in particular, should be monitored carefully for sunburn. Apply sunscreen before they leave the house to allow it to penetrate into the skin and re-apply every few hours. Always carry extra clothing. If you are on the beach for a protracted period, cover up little ones with a tee shirt and long pants to prevent painful burns. Use a lidocaine-containing cooling ointment to soothe minor burns after a day on the beach. Heatstroke Beach time can be so much fun that you can forget the amount of time you've been out in the sun. Heatstroke can occur any time you are in high temperatures and are engaged in vigorous physical activity. Signs of heatstroke include high body temperature, lack of sweating, flushed skin, nausea or vomiting, dizziness, rapid heart rate and fainting. If someone in your group suffers these symptoms, immediately get them to a cooler spot. Cool down the body with damp cloths or a fan. If the person is conscious, have them drink water to re-hydrate the body. Take them for medical treatment to prevent further damage to the brain and body organs. Water Dangers Being at the beach includes water dangers. Ensure that your family knows the rules of safe swimming so that every beach visit is a happy occasion: • Drowning dangers: Teach all family members to swim as soon as they can understand the instructions. Small children who have not yet learned to swim require constant supervision. Always assign one family member for this task to avoid confusion that leads to unattended children getting into trouble in the water. • Never dive off rocks or jetties unless you know the depth of the water for certain. Reckless diving can cause neck and spine injuries. • Heed warnings about riptides. These warnings are often posted in swimming areas. If you are caught in a sudden riptide, swim parallel to the shore until you can break free of the pull of the current. Wave your hands to call attention to yourself to get help from lifeguards or other people on shore. Foot Injuries One of the most common beach injuries is cuts and scrapes on the foot. Many beaches are strewn with rocks or fragments of seashells, many of which have sharp edges that can easily cut the skin. In addition, beachgoers may leave pop tops, bottle caps or broken glasses behind that can be a hazard to walking with bare feet. Wearing aqua shoes or flip-flops whenever walking the beach can help to prevent these injuries. However, your beach bag should also contain a small first-aid kit that contains some Band-Aids, gauze and tape to treat minor foot injuries instead of going to the emergency room. The kit should also contain over-the-counter pain reliever such as aspirin or ibuprofen to relief discomfort from these minor injuries. Jellyfish Stings Jellyfish are aquatic creatures found in many coastal beach areas. These sea animals have long, trailing tentacles that contain thousands of microscopic barbs when in contact with human skin. The sting generally causes a burning sensation, reddish marks on the skin and itching or throbbing of the area. Some individuals may be sensitive to the toxins and may feel nausea, headache, dizziness, muscle spasms or fainting. In severe reactions, death can result. Anyone that has been stung should be carefully monitored for severe reactions. To treat minor stings, remove any visible tentacles from the skin, rinse the injured area with household vinegar for 30 seconds and soothe the area with calamine lotion or lidocaine sunburn-relieving gel. If you suspect a severe reaction, get medical attention for the victim immediately.

A day at the beach is one of the favorite ways families like to spend their vacation or holiday time. However, the beach is a natural environment that may harbor a number of dangers for both children and adults. Make sure your beach time remains a happy time, free of accidents and injuries. Sunburn No matter how much experience people ... Read More »

Tips for a Healthy Prostate:

Tips for a Healthy Prostate:

Reduce inflammatory foods – Avoid sugar, processed foods, fried foods, red meat, processed meats, gluten and alcohol to keep your prostate healthy. Increase anti-inflammatory foods – Consuming a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables, Omega 3’s (from Wild Alaskan Salmon), high fiber foods, walnuts and especially pumpkin seeds will help to reduce inflammation. Reduce stress – Stress increases inflammation, ... Read More »

Male Hormonal Health

Male Hormonal Health

By Karina Hammer As men age – nearing 30 and beyond – certain issues become more common for them. This includes hormonal imbalances and prostate issues, which are the most prevalent. Besides that, men may encounter a lack of energy and libido, as well as impotence. Male Hormones There are three hormones that come into play for men’s health: • ... Read More »

10 Facts You Must Know About Heart Disease  

It kills more men in a year than any other ailment. But you can protect yourself, starting now By Mike McMullan 1. Heart disease refers to several different types of heart conditions, starting with coronary heart disease. That’s when plaque builds up and narrows the walls of your arteries, which pump blood to your heart. It’s the most common kind. ... Read More »

Tennova Healthcare Offers Tips in the Battle Against Allergies

Tennova Healthcare Offers Tips in the Battle Against Allergies

With pollen counts rising, health system provides suggestions for allergy sufferers By Fred Sesti, NP With abundant sunshine, emerging greenery and extended daylight hours, spring is bringing renewal to West Tennessee. However, for many who live here, it is also bringing elevated pollen levels – plus the headaches, sinus pressure, itchy eyes and respiratory difficulties that come along with it. ... Read More »

Top 5 Things Your Husband Needs from You

By Cassandra Soars My husband is a great man. He’s kind; he’s humble; he has a gift of hospitality, which means he’s happy to serve the people around him, and he rarely complains. But this often translates to him not telling me what he wants or needs. So it’s taken some guess work on my part to understand what he wants from me. After almost nine years of marriage, I think I’ve started to figure out what he wants and needs. Are you wondering what things your husband wants from you? After talking to a number of couples, I noticed some common themes. While each man is different, here are the top 5 things your husband might want from you. 1. Recreational companionship: There are different types of intimacy, and recreational intimacy is one of them. Many men connect best over an activity or sport. There are no negative emotions involved, just a healthy and fun sense of competition. On your next date, try engaging in a sport or activity you both enjoy. 2. Trust: Part of being in an intimate relationship is a sense of trust. He wants to know that you trust him–that you trust him to make good decisions and be your equal. Sometimes I tend to give my husband advice as if I know better than he does. I grew up as an older sister to younger brothers, and he was the youngest child in his family. This dynamic often doesn’t contribute to making him feel like I trust him, but I’m working on it. I have started asking him for his advice on the things I’m working on, and I realize just how valuable his strategic input is. This helps build my sense of trust in him so I’m better able to show him that I trust him. Many wives question their husbands about why or how he does things, making him feel like he has to justify himself. All he really wants is to know you trust that his way could work too. 3. Sexual fulfillment: Many husbands feel like this part of their lives is lacking. My counsel to wives who struggle with spouses not feeling fulfilled sexually is always to work on their own sexual fulfillment. This will ultimately lead to their husbands being more satisfied. You can’t do something all the time for someone else. When sex is mutually satisfying, both partners will feel more content. 4. Appreciation: Your husband wants to know that you appreciate him. Especially for those things he does for you that you might naturally take for granted like taking out the garbage, changing light bulbs, mowing the lawn or other little things he knows you want him to do. Acknowledgment shown through thanking him will go a long way in helping him feel appreciated. (And when your husband feels appreciated, you might just find he helps out even more.) For some ideas on how to affirm and appreciate your husband, see the inset. 5. Space: Sometimes your husband just needs a little space. He wants, even needs, a few hours or even a whole day where he can just be, where he doesn’t have to work or do anything for anyone else, where he can just take care of his own needs. This will be good for both of you. Affirmation and Appreciation Words of affirmation go a long way for all of us, but especially for the man in your life. Men really do like hearing compliments – especially from their wives. So, today, try to compliment your husband at least once. 1. Compliment Him on the Physical. Compliment his strength, his eyes, or his hands. Compliment the way he walks (I recently saw my husband walking in the distance, and noticed he walked with confidence and purpose. When he reached me, I said, “You have such a strong walk.”). Tell him he looks great or handsome when he leaves for work, for church or to work out. Compliment his profile, his back, his shoulders. Compliment him for something physical that only you would know. 2. Compliment Him on the Mental and Emotional. Tell your husband he’s smart, witty or wise. When he’s done a good job figuring something out, or putting something together praise him for it. Compliment him for being a rock emotionally. Give him a compliment for being mature, steady and dependable. 3. Compliment Him on His Father/Husband Role. Praise him for his success at work. Compliment him when he has a good day on the job, or when he earns more than he expected. Compliment him as a father for the way he relates to your children; the way he plays with them; or makes time for them. 4. Compliment Him on the Way He Treats You. Say, “You really hear me when I talk” or, “I really appreciate the way you’re always there for me when I’ve had a bad day.” Men like hearing that they are being successful in making you feel loved and secure. Try this one: “I always know that as long as you’re around, I’m safe.” Try to give your husband a sincere, specific compliment every day. Doing so will help you focus on your husband’s positive traits, and it will make him want to be around you even more.

By Cassandra Soars My husband is a great man. He’s kind; he’s humble; he has a gift of hospitality, which means he’s happy to serve the people around him, and he rarely complains. But this often translates to him not telling me what he wants or needs. So it’s taken some guess work on my part to understand what he ... Read More »

LISTEN UP! Hearing in the Workplace

LISTEN UP! Hearing in the Workplace

We feel our best when we do our best. At the top of our game is where we all want to be. This is as true in the workplace as it is on the baseball field. But to stay at the top of your game at work and in life, you need to stay primed – ready for that next big ... Read More »

Warning Signs of Testicular Cancer

Warning Signs of Testicular Cancer

Although testicular cancer is relatively rare, affecting just 1 in 263 American males, testicular tumors are on the increase. Testicular cancer usually affects younger men, so if you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, you should be aware of the possible symptoms of testicular cancer. While many testicular lumps are harmless, if a testicle lump does turn out to ... Read More »

Moderate Drinking May Not Ward Off Heart Disease

Moderate Drinking May Not Ward Off Heart Disease

Presented by Cardiovascular Clinic of West Tennessee Many people believe that having a glass of wine with dinner—or moderately drinking any kind of alcohol—will protect them from heart disease. But a hard look at the evidence finds little support for that. That’s the conclusion of a new research review in the May 2017 issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol ... Read More »

“Lost Leg, Found Soul”

Lost Leg, Found Soul

By Teresa Caruso At age 15, free style bike rider Kalvin Wilmoth was performing tricks with a group of his friends in Marietta, GA, around a four lane, low traffic area. Without any warning, a car ran a stop sign and hit the tire of Kalvin’s bike sending him plummeting to the pavement. The car drove on and was never found. ... Read More »

About Root Canal Therapy

About Root Canal Therapy

By Dr. Randall LeDuke, DDS This month we are going to examine the why’s and wherefore’s of root canal therapy, clinically known as Endodontics. Root canal therapy is a fact of life at the dental office. Although the conditions that lead to root canal therapy are mostly preventable through regular dental examination and hygiene maintenance, every day, in every dental ... Read More »

What are Warts?

What are Warts

Presented by Raines Foot Clinic Warts are one of several soft tissue conditions of the foot that can be quite painful. They are caused by a virus and can appear anywhere on the skin. Those that appear on the sole of the foot are called plantar warts. Children, especially teenagers, tend to be more susceptible to warts than adults. Some people ... Read More »

Proper Bike Fit and Exercise for Low Back Pain Prevention

According to physical therapist, Chandler R. Taylor, low back pain is the second most common complaint among bicyclists (Pruitt, 2006). The aerodynamic posture of a bicyclist in spinal flexion can increase the pressure on vertebral discs and increase the risk of low back pain (Mellion, 1994). There are numerous genetic and environmental factors, which can create low back pain. There ... Read More »



By Jennifer L. Foster, RN, Attorney-at-Law Some of the most heartbreaking calls that I receive are from parents with disabled children who are either reaching adulthood or already have become adults. The common concerns are: what happens to my child when I die; who will take care of them; and how will they be able to financially survive? Unfortunately, not every ... Read More »

Is My Wife Having An Affair?

By Lisa Webb, D.Psy Q: My wife is always at work. She has projects all the time and even when she is home she is not really home, being on the phone or email.  Her boss is male, and she spends a lot of time with him. I know she loves her work—but I feel like there is more going ... Read More »

Grills, Guys, and Good Health

Grills, Guys, and Good Health

This summer, take the time to enjoy, kick back, throw the ball around and fire up the barbecue. Worrying about your health can make life difficult to enjoy, so make sure that this summer, and every season, you are working to help prevent and lower your risk for disease and doing what is needed to stay fit and healthy. Heart ... Read More »

Failing Forward

Failing Forward

By Bill Peel, DMin Some people refuse to use the word failure. Instead, they substitute words like slip-up, setback, glitch, mistake—or at least frame the failure in a positive light. Take IBM founder Thomas Watson, for example. He was legendary for his ability to turn a serious mistake into a learning opportunity. On one occasion, a young executive lost $10 million ... Read More »

This Month’s American Heart Association Heart Healthy Recipe: Southwestern Quinoa and Egg Breakfast Bowl

Southwestern Quinoa and Egg Breakfast Bowl

Liven up the breakfast routine with this South­western quinoa bowl. Quinoa contains a hefty amount of protein, making this a great morning option. Add other items to turn this into your own creation-cucumber, radishes, black beans, and more. The eggs can also be cooked however you prefer-over-easy, poached, or even scrambled. Ingredients: –    1/4 cup raw quinoa –    1/2 avocado, ... Read More »

Why is it better to treat hearing loss sooner rather than later?

Why is it better to treat hearing loss sooner rather than later

Identifying and addressing hearing loss early brings many benefits. From enhancing your quality of life, to helping protect against several health consequences linked to unaddressed hearing loss, the case for early treatment is strong. Perhaps the most compelling reason to never put off a hearing test and treatment, however, is simply this: We “hear” with our brain, not with our ears. ... Read More »

Let Us Help The Importance of Early Recognition of Stroke Symptoms for Emergency Treatment

By William Barrow, M.D. Stroke is a medical emergency that affects roughly 800,000 Americans every year. Of those affected, three quarters have never had a stroke before. Unfortunately 130,000 stroke victims each year do not survive the strokes that they suffer. Tennesseans suffer significantly more strokes than the national average due to higher rates of high blood pressure, high cholesterol ... Read More »

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