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Proper Bike Fit and Exercise for Low Back Pain Prevention

According to physical therapist, Chandler R. Taylor, low back pain is the second most common complaint among bicyclists (Pruitt, 2006). The aerodynamic posture of a bicyclist in spinal flexion can increase the pressure on vertebral discs and increase the risk of low back pain (Mellion, 1994). There are numerous genetic and environmental factors, which can create low back pain. There ... Read More »



By Jennifer L. Foster, RN, Attorney-at-Law Some of the most heartbreaking calls that I receive are from parents with disabled children who are either reaching adulthood or already have become adults. The common concerns are: what happens to my child when I die; who will take care of them; and how will they be able to financially survive? Unfortunately, not every ... Read More »

Is My Wife Having An Affair?

By Lisa Webb, D.Psy Q: My wife is always at work. She has projects all the time and even when she is home she is not really home, being on the phone or email.  Her boss is male, and she spends a lot of time with him. I know she loves her work—but I feel like there is more going ... Read More »

Grills, Guys, and Good Health

Grills, Guys, and Good Health

This summer, take the time to enjoy, kick back, throw the ball around and fire up the barbecue. Worrying about your health can make life difficult to enjoy, so make sure that this summer, and every season, you are working to help prevent and lower your risk for disease and doing what is needed to stay fit and healthy. Heart ... Read More »

Failing Forward

Failing Forward

By Bill Peel, DMin Some people refuse to use the word failure. Instead, they substitute words like slip-up, setback, glitch, mistake—or at least frame the failure in a positive light. Take IBM founder Thomas Watson, for example. He was legendary for his ability to turn a serious mistake into a learning opportunity. On one occasion, a young executive lost $10 million ... Read More »

This Month’s American Heart Association Heart Healthy Recipe: Southwestern Quinoa and Egg Breakfast Bowl

Southwestern Quinoa and Egg Breakfast Bowl

Liven up the breakfast routine with this South­western quinoa bowl. Quinoa contains a hefty amount of protein, making this a great morning option. Add other items to turn this into your own creation-cucumber, radishes, black beans, and more. The eggs can also be cooked however you prefer-over-easy, poached, or even scrambled. Ingredients: –    1/4 cup raw quinoa –    1/2 avocado, ... Read More »

Why is it better to treat hearing loss sooner rather than later?

Why is it better to treat hearing loss sooner rather than later

Identifying and addressing hearing loss early brings many benefits. From enhancing your quality of life, to helping protect against several health consequences linked to unaddressed hearing loss, the case for early treatment is strong. Perhaps the most compelling reason to never put off a hearing test and treatment, however, is simply this: We “hear” with our brain, not with our ears. ... Read More »

Let Us Help The Importance of Early Recognition of Stroke Symptoms for Emergency Treatment

By William Barrow, M.D. Stroke is a medical emergency that affects roughly 800,000 Americans every year. Of those affected, three quarters have never had a stroke before. Unfortunately 130,000 stroke victims each year do not survive the strokes that they suffer. Tennesseans suffer significantly more strokes than the national average due to higher rates of high blood pressure, high cholesterol ... Read More »

Hello, My Name is MAKO!

Hello, My Name is MAKO!

Henry County Medical Center adds the Total Knee Replacement to its Joint Replacement Options with the MAKO Robotic-Assisted Surgery System Robots in the surgical suite are nothing new, but robots assisting orthopedic surgeons on total knee replacements is groundbreaking. And Henry County Medical Center is only one of three hospitals in the state of TN to offer MAKO robot-assisted total ... Read More »

Hormones and IBS

Estrogen and progesterone affect IBS symptoms in a few ways, from how your intestines work to how much pain you feel. Cells in your gut have things called receptors that let these hormones latch on to them. This suggests that your digestive system is designed to sense and react to them. Here are the main ways they affect IBS: • ... Read More »

5 Ways to Relieve Menstrual Pain Naturally

Many women of childbearing age get cramps during their menstrual cycle, when contracting muscles cause menstrual pain or dysmenorrhea. This pain often requires intervention. Over-the-counter drugs may yield instant results but may have side effects, such as drug resistance if used for prolonged periods. Here are some ways to relieve menstrual pain naturally. 1. Drink Hot Water Hot water helps ... Read More »

8 Essential Health Tips for Women

Women are called on to overcome many challenges and obstacles each day. Unfortunately, because of all the responsibilities and commitments in life, it can sometimes be hard to find time to take care of yourself. Nevertheless, to keep being all you need to be to everyone, you must learn to make your health a top priority.Listed are some key tips ... Read More »

Be Still and Live 

By Christy McGriff My name is Christy and I am addicted to busy. That was the summarizing statement of my life before I found freedom in simplicity. I was a corporate junky, always seeking the next big project, accomplishment or promotion. That was until my loving Savior gave me a big push. I’m sure He started with gentle nudges, but I ... Read More »

Get the Nutrients You Need!

Get the Nutrients You Need!

By Ravinder Machra, M.D. Did you know that as you age, your body requires larger amounts of certain vitamins and minerals? Calcium, fiber, potassium, and vitamins C, E, D and B12 are among the nutrients commonly lacking in adults older than age 50. These essential vitamins and minerals perform a variety of important functions in your body, including: • Supporting bone ... Read More »

The Difference Between SSI and SSDI

By Jennifer L. Foster, RN, Attorney-at-Law While many people don’t distinguish between Supplement Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), they are two completely different governmental programs. Both programs are overseen and managed by the Social Security Administration, and medical eligibility for disability is determined in the same manner for both programs. Only individuals who have a disability ... Read More »

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Depression (major depressive disorder or clinical depression) is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working. To be diagnosed with depression, the symptoms must be present for at least two weeks. Forms of Depression Some forms of depression are slightly different, or they ... Read More »

Are You Ready for Shorts Season?

Are You Ready for Shorts Season

Presented by West Tennessee Vein Center at the Cardiovascular Clinic of West TN It’s that time of year again! Temperatures are warming up and hemlines are about to get shorter. Many of us are stepping up our workout routines and getting ready for vacations, but what about the issues that exercise and eating correctly can’t fix? Do you have varicose veins? ... Read More »

Winning the Battle Against Arthritis

Winning the Battle Against Arthritis

By Megan Hemmingsen, PT, OPT, Cert. MOT, LSVT-Big STAR Physical Therapy, Clarksville, TN (North) Osteoarthritis is a slow, progressive breakdown of joint structures that can significantly impact mobility, function, and independence. Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammatory joint symptoms. Physical therapy for both OA and RA are to regain/maintain range of motion, reduce pain, and improve function. Osteoarthritis ... Read More »

IT Band Syndrome and Runners

IT Band Syndrome and Runners

By Brittany Endres, PT, DPT, Results Physiotherapy It is that time of year again. Winter is winding down and runners are hitting the pavement and trails, many of them in preparation for upcoming races. Injuries and pain with running typically come on with a significant increase in training. Over the past decade, the popularity of running marathons, half marathons and ... Read More »

May is Melanoma Awareness Month! Protect yourself and your loved ones!

Protect yourself and your loved ones

Tips to Reduce Your Risk for Melanoma: • Wear Sunscreen. Make sunscreen a daily habit. UV radiation can still damage skin even in the winter and on cloudy days. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen (protects against UVA and UVB rays) with SPF of at least 30. • Wear Protective Clothing. Protect your body with sun-protective clothing, hat, and sunglasses. • Avoid Peak ... Read More »

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