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Catering to Nashville’s hungry population

The Contributor (thecontributor.org) recently ran an article highlighting the work being done by various government and voluntary organizations to help feed the increasing number of underfed Nashville residents. Organizations like Feeding America, Second Harvest and various government food banks are trying to cope with an increasing demand.

One organization, the Nashville Food Project, works with Hands On Nashville. Through the organization’s five-acre urban farm in South Nashville, produce is grown and donated back to the food project, helping to provide local, nutrient-dense foods for the food project to introduce back into the community through meals and other local nonprofit initiatives.

“Our little five-acre plot of land is not going to be the solution, but it allows neighbors to help neighbors by coming out and volunteering. With the economic growth that has happened in Nashville, I haven’t seen the food insecurity get any better. Not everyone has been equally affected, and there’s never a silver bullet for any of these things,” said Hands on Nashville’s Director of Programs, Josef Kaul.

Following a News Channel 5 investigation, seven more people have been charged in a federal fraud case following the arrest last year of the director of a Nashville food program that was supposed to be feeding low-income children in child care.

As the director of a federally funded food program, Hayes was supposed to be giving money to child care programs to feed low-income children. But what she did was steal more than $1.5 million by claiming she was providing money to child care facilities and children that didn’t exist.

According to the indictments, they have now been charged receiving anywhere from $11,000 to $41,000 each.

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