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Facilitating God’s Healing Power with Healing Touch

By Paula Swift

Facilitating God’s Healing Power with Healing TouchAs long as I can remember, the idea of things beyond what we can see has always been a fascination for me.

Whether it was “supernatural” activity, the space beyond our telescopes, or the mysteries of the wind, there was always a sense of something more than the logic and theories of matter. It was instinctively real, simmering deep within me, and where God connected to my soul.

Those who know me well will confirm that I’ve always taken the road less traveled, following my instinct and often seeking a path different from the norm.  As a child, teenager and young adult growing up in a conservative, Christian home, this offered its challenges.  I was never drawn to mischievous activities, but fitting the mold of the rule-driven church of my formative years triggered continuous searching.  Adventure was calling continuously, prompting exploration in daily life experiences.  Not the rebel, but not a conformist, I found myself somewhere in between.  I was too young to recognize that this was somewhat related to my undeveloped spiritual gift of discernment—a  gift that became exposed later and has continued to evolve, as wisdom for use has been granted through experience and nudging from the Holy Spirit.

With exposure to great natural resources (the ocean, mountains, farm fresh foods, etc.), there was always an attraction toward nature and its inherent ability to heal.  Let me verify that I’m not an “either / or” type of person when it comes to medicine, though I personally prefer natural resources for myself and my family.  I believe in the power of God’s creation and the tools developed by the talents and skills He gave to man.  In 2004, I experienced my first therapy incorporating the reading of energy to help diagnose some issues related to fatigue and digestion.  I was fascinated to see the frequencies in the body coming together to tell a story, giving insight to the practitioner of what areas needed attention.  My practitioner was a Christian, and aware my own faith, she began to explain the Biblical foundations of healing with tools of creation.  The concepts came easily to me and immediately, my interest was sparked to learn more in order to properly care for myself and my family.  I began to get familiar with herbal medicine, essential oils, and practices of energy healing.

In 2013, a diagnosis of stage one breast cancer came completely unexpected.  Immediately I reached out to my practitioner who brought me in for Healing Touch.  It was at this session that I was blessed to experience God in a supernatural, all-
powerful, glorious and miraculous way.  It was the beginning of an intense adventure that brings me to where I am today:  cancer-free, healthy and changing my career to offer this same experience to others in their healing, to experience God in a way that He wants for each of us to enjoy in our own, unique way.

We read of miracles in the Bible.  We don’t doubt, as Believers, that God can do anything, through anyone.  We are in awe of others who experience the supernatural powers of God in the mission field around the world.   We marvel at God’s power in the lives of others, but fail to realize that He wants such experiences for every one of us.  Here, in America, in our own churches (with exception of a few), such experiences are doubted and scoffed at, and in some cases considered evil.  I get it.  There is reason to raise a yellow flag.  In recent centuries, the idea of non-medical miracles gave way to modern medicine and gradually the acts of natural healing became related with witchcraft, voodoo, etc.  Today we commonly hear it referred to as “the woo-woo” treatments with the same negative connotation given to snake oil.  I, too, was a little cautious about exploring the practices of natural and energy medicine, for I did not want to allow myself to fall victim to the components that were not from God.   The spiritual world is certainly an area to proceed carefully, with full understanding of the where the lines cross from God-given and Holy Spirit-filled to leaving the door open for the enemy to interfere and disrupt.

I believe that we, as a church of all denominations, have allowed for the enemy to take hold of such miracles and gifts, make them his own, thus keeping us from experiencing God in the way we are intended to be blessed.   Yet healing is discussed throughout the Bible, from spiritual and emotional healing to visible, physical healing.

It is time to recognize the God-given healing tools and gifts that we have been offered, and bring them back to the Church!  We must let the enemy know that his attempt to take over something that was not his to begin with is now done.

Through my scholarship and practice, I’ve not only studied quantum physics/energy, biology and anatomy sciences related to Healing Touch, but also the spiritual foundations in order to receive proper discernment and protect my clients and myself.   There are three Biblical principles that give me comfort and confidence in knowing that this is healing that God has gifted to us.

1.  God Created.
From the mountains to the deep sea, and the smallest insect to the greatest of creatures, from our earth and moon to the solar systems beyond our galaxy, He created.  He created the energy and the universe of things we can’t see.  Think about the wind, our intelligence, love, the atom (which is 99.9% space), and all the critical and essential elements necessary for life, yet have no physical matter.  “And God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1  Most importantly, we are created in the image of God with our own breath of life received directly from God.  Genesis 2:7   This is what we can call our energy source and with many (or most) faith-based practitioners, our work revolves around this very concept:  that the energy of each person is formed directly from the breath of life that God breathed into each of us, therefore we work with it as such.

2.  Laying of Hands.
The Bible shares the stories of “laying of hands” in both the Old and New Testaments, from blessing a person to ordaining to bestowing of Holy Spirit.  Additionally, there are numerous stories of Jesus laying hands on the sick, many who were instantly healed.  Matthew 4:24, Matthew 8:16-17, Luke 8:41-48

3.  He Commanded.
Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he commanded the disciples to go and do as he did, and to teach the generations as well.  As Believers in the church, we are today’s disciples and we follow the principles to “do as Jesus did” in our daily lives.  While some may carry a gift of healing, I am a testimony of someone who was granted that gift by requesting and seeking truth in an act of obedience.  In other words, anyone can carry out this command with the name of Jesus Christ and the power of God bestowed upon us with the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 10:1-7, Matthew 9:18-31, Luke 24:44-48, Acts 1:8

The day following my first Healing Touch session (following my diagnosis), I received a very firm command in a long conversation I was having with God.  He simply told me that I was to trust the resources He put in front of me, and most importantly, I was to share this with others.  Initially, I believed that He was leading me simply to share my experience as it unfolded.  But during the several months that followed, with His urging and consistent prompting through the Holy Spirit, I was led to expand my outreach to the next level—to learn Healing Touch and practice it under His authority and to simply be a catalyst for others to experience His great grace!

“Healing Touch is a relaxing, nurturing energy therapy that uses gentle touch to assist in balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  Healing Touch works with your energy field to support your natural ability to heal, is safe for all ages and works in harmony with standard or allopathic medical care.”
–    Healing Touch International

To learn more about the author, Paula Swift – HTP Apprentice, her healing adventure and Healing Touch offered in the Nashville area, please visit her website at www.LivingFromCancer.com

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