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Feel Better, Younger with BioTe® All-Natural Hormone Balancing

By Changes Medical Spa & Laser Center

Feel Better, Younger with BioTe®  All-Natural Hormone BalancingEveryone would like to reduce their risk of cancer, heart disease, and dementias, including Alzheimer’s. Most people would also like to feel better, younger, and with more energy. Now there are all natural ways to do all of these safely and effectively, according to Richard Jackson, MD, Medical Director and on-site physician at Changes Medical Spa & Laser Center in Boones Creek. Dr. Jackson is the region’s only physician certified by BioTe® Medical to provide all-natural bio-identical hormone balancing, which enables his patients to meet those goals. “The BioTe® way of optimizing hormones is different from any other system on the market today. Their quality standards, purity and consistency of products, and research-proven medical procedures and training are the gold standard in hormone replacement therapy,” Said Dr. Jackson. Dr. Jackson and his staff at Changes Medical brought the BioTe® Medical method and products to the Tri-Cities region earlier this year.

Symptoms of hormone imbalance
Symptoms such as hot flashes, loss of libido, feeling run-down or past your prime, weight gain, and mood changes are all commonly known symptoms of hormonal changes. But other common symptoms thought to simply be a part of normal aging, can also be a sign of the need for hormone replacement. These include feeling stressed or anxious, headaches, memory issues or feeling “foggy”, changes in hair and skin, motivation decreases, and others. A simple blood test is the only way to determine if hormone replacement is needed, and how much is needed by that particular patient. Custom dosing is key to the effectiveness of hormone replacement. “Age is not always a factor,” said Dr. Jackson, who has provided hormone optimization to patients in their twenties all the way to their late 80’s this year.

BioTe® hormones vs. synthetic hormones
“Common assumptions about hormones may be faulty,” said Dr. Jackson. “All-natural bio-identical hormones, like we use in the BioTe® process, can actually REDUCE a person’s risk of Alzheimer’s and other dementias, cancer, heart attack and stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes, and other health concerns.”

Synthetic hormones do not provide the health protection of all natural hormones, and often have more adverse effects. “We do not use, nor recommend, synthetic hormones of any type.” Said Dr. Jackson. “We felt our region needed an all-natural, health-
protecting option like BioTe®.” BioTe® is also more affordable and longer lasting than many other less effective methods of hormone replacement.

Free Health Improvement Seminar
Changes Medical offers free consultations to provide more information about BioTe® or any of their services, and is hosting an open house and free health improvement seminar December 7th, 2017, at noon and again at 6pm, to present about the health improvement benefits of all natural hormone optimization. Located in Boones Creek next to Cracker Barrel, Changes has been in operation for 4 years and has treated patients from 17 states. They offer innovative laser services, including an affordable laser facelift with no downtime, skin rejuvenation, permanent laser fat elimination, laser hair removal, hair restoration, neck reduction, Vampire Facial® and facelift, laser treatment of urinary stress incontinence and vaginal rejuvenation, and laser treatment of snoring, sleep apnea, nail fungus. Dr. Jackson and staff also provide O-Shot® and P-Shot®, BOTOX® and dermal fillers, teeth whitening, esthetic procedures like microdermabrasion and facials, chemical peels, and medical grade skincare and makeup.

BioTe® Bioidentical all-natural hormone therapy may help reduce the risk of many health problems, and relieve numerous symptoms such as:
• Feeling run-down or tired
• Hot flashes or night sweats
• Weight gain
• Loss of sex drive
• Decrease in energy and motivation
• Mood changes
• Brain fog or memory issues
• Feeling anxious or stressed out
• Headaches
• Changes in skin and hair

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