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First Nashville ‘Walking Districts’ up and…running

A new Healthy Living idea has been launched in three locations in Nashville, including the Hillsboro West End Neighborhood, south and west of Vanderbilt University. Its purpose? To encourage walking by making it safer and more enjoyable in residential neighborhoods where sidewalks are few or where through-traffic is heavy.

The plan will introduce signage lowering speed limits to 20 mph on residential streets and 25 on ‘collectors,’ from the current speed limit of 30 mph. Other traffic-calming features will be introduced, including stepped up enforcement, improved crosswalks at major intersections, educational flyers, educational sessions with neighbors and more.

It’s all designed to encourage you to walk more. Your walking speed is typically 3 to 4 mph, meaning a mile takes you 15 or 20 minutes to walk. Walking at the more vigorous 15-minute pace with a round trip of 2 miles gets you more than your minimum daily exercise requirement, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control. So, you get most of your daily exercise without a trip to the gym and while going where you need to go anyway.

John Harkey is the person behind this great idea. Read his blog explaining all about it at:

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