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Five ways to boost your levels of concentration

In the information overload age, being able to focus and keep your attention on the task at hand can be a struggle. Here are some concentration-boosting and distraction-fighting techniques to fire up your capacity to concentrate from the experts at Medical News Today.
Get regular ‘green time’. A dose of nature could be just what the doctor ordered when trying to improve your attention span and ability to concentrate.
Take a break. If you are lucky enough to have high working memory capacity, then you should have no problem ignoring distractions and staying focused on tasks. But for the rest of us, tuning out background distractions can be challenging.
Rethink your environment. It is known that by decluttering your home or tidying your desk, your mind also feels more orderly, free, and able to think more clearly.
Try brain training. Problem-solving exercises, brain training methods, and even video games could all have a positive, negative effect, or no effect at all on concentration, depending on which study you read.
Enhance your well-being. Physical activity, dietary choices, and weight are all factors that can contribute to how well you function and your concentration levels. For example, if you skip breakfast, it is unlikely that by lunchtime you will be able to perform tasks to the best of your ability due to hunger pangs. For the complete list go to: www.medicalnewstoday.com

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