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Healing after Upper Limb Loss with Occupational Therapy

By Human Technology, Inc. Prosthetics and Orthotics Group

 Healing after Upper Limb Loss with Occupational Therapy Losing an arm due to an accident or a medical condition is a difficult situation. Advanced medical technology and prosthetics offer many opportunities for an amputee to live a productive and balanced life-style while still participating in all the activities they enjoy.

Complete Prosthetic Rehabilitation
Occupational therapy is a critical component of upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation after a limb loss. The practitioners of Human Technology, Inc. Prosthetics and Orthotics partner with occupational therapists for coordinating complete prosthetic rehabilitation. A medical team that includes an occupational therapist works with amputees through the prosthetic fitting process to train patients on relearning specific tasks, motor skills, positioning and posture.

The earliest phase of occupational therapy may begin while the surgical wound is still healing, then progress through the pre-prosthetic, interim prosthetic and post-prosthetic phases. Throughout every phase of a patient’s care, occupational therapists offer guidance on coping with limb loss, regaining independence, making modifications to the home or vehicle, and being a successful, long-term prosthetic user.

Occupational therapy accelerates rehabilitation and is essential to success after losing an upper limb.

“We celebrate Occupational Therapy Month and thank all the individuals in this career for improving people’s daily activity functions.” stated Ramesh Dubey, Director of Prosthetics

Advanced Prosthetic Therapy Program
Prosthetic success rates improve dramatically when a training program goes beyond basic prosthetic operation. An advanced therapy program addresses the specific activities that relate to a patient’s own vocational and recreational interests. Many occupational therapists may visit a patient’s home or work place, and when necessary, evaluate the need for driver training.

Complimentary Assessment
Anyone with upper limb loss, regardless the length of time since the amputation, may contact Human Technology, Inc. Prosthetics and Orthotics at 1-800-922-1584 for a complimentary assessment.

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