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Health & Wellness Review: DAYBREAKER

What if you could go to a dance party with your friends, get an awesome workout in, and do it all before the workday even begins? Well thanks to the organization Daybreaker, you can. Daybreaker is an early morning dance movement that is becoming increasingly popular and is located in 22 cities, Nashville being one of them. Daybreaker sums itself up in four words: wellness, community, music, and mischief. They believe great fun, fitness,and community can be found in coming together and starting out your day dancing. Our reporter Christiana Muir went to the Daybreaker on February 21st in Nashville.
“I went to my first Daybreaker event in Downtown Nashville in February and it was the earliest and quirkiest dance party I’ve been to. It was ‘onesie’ themed and everyone had amazing costumes making it a really fun atmosphere. There was music, a DJ, dance instructors, and plenty of entertainment as well as a bar of breakfast snacks. I left happier and with more energy after getting what they call a “Daybreaker DOSE” because when you’re dancing, your brain releases healthy chemicals in our brains such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. Are you ready to get your DOSE?”
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