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Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Eat

 Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Eat BENTO BOX:
A lunch box filled with a variety of separate containers of things to munch on.

Hard-boiled egg, cheese squares, trail mix, applesauce, whole grain crackers, grape tomatoes or grapes.  You can add any protein, vegetables and fruits to make your bento box fun and creative.

Whether you start with quinoa, rice or noodles as the base, these lunch bowls are filled with a lot to love – veggies, beans, chicken or fish, and whenever possible, avocado.

These easy and healthy lunch wraps are protein-packed and perfect for lunch boxes.

Basic Turkey Wrap – Sprouted grain or whole wheat wrap, turkey, avocado, spinach, cucumber slices, and some optional sprouts and dressing (if you need a bit more flavor)

Veggie Wrap – Start by spreading mashed avocados on a whole-wheat tortilla. Then pack in the roasted veggies – peppers, onions, portabella mushrooms and cauliflower (but you can really use whatever you have on hand), add hummus and enjoy!

Other lunch snack ideas:
– Fruit
– Hummus & veggies
– Nuts or trail mix
– Yogurt & granola
– Protein bars

Karina is Co-Host of the Magnetic Heart Radio Show, Co-Founder of Nashville Integrative Health, Wellness Expert, Writer, Speaker and Educator.  “I am dedicated to supporting busy moms who suffer from chronic digestive issues overcome the confusion of what to eat every day, so you can finally cook with confidence and never feel frustrated about what to feed your family again.”

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You’re invited to join Karina Hammer, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, as she shows your family how to make these healthy lunches at the Back to School Lunch Class on Saturday, September 9th at 10:00 am at the Neighborhood Health Fair.

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