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How Floating can help with your everyday challenges

Epsom salt is a centuries’ old remedy trusted for its natural ability to ease aching muscles, reduce inflammation, soften skin, and restore the soul. Amy Grimes of Float Nashville looks at its many benefits.

Just two cups of the Magnesium-rich mineral turns a familiar bath into a little spa-like luxury. Now, imagine the benefits delivered by 1,000 lbs. of the sulfate diffused into a 10-inch deep and perfectly-tempered 200-gallon bath. It’s a truly serene experience in which time virtually stops.

It’s a bliss available to anyone because it exists at Float Nashville, Middle Tennessee’s first flotation therapy spa.

Since its grand opening in 2013, Float Nashville has facilitated more than 20,000 of these sublime treatments. Furnished with three tanks (two closed pods and one open), the cutting-edge spa treats new and experienced floaters to the tranquil, albeit unusual, experience of total sensory deprivation.

How does it happen? The water supports the floater’s body enough to make it feel weightless while the tanks themselves block out all light and sound. The experience (or lack thereof) is what floods the body and mind with health benefits.

The buoyancy of the salt solution lets the body literally float on top of the water, reducing gravity’s pull by 90%. That reduction of stress delivers unmatched rest and recovery that benefits everyone from professional athletes to chronic pain sufferers. The absence of visual and auditory stimulation encourages a meditative state that’s been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and boost feelings of serenity and peace.

When you’re ready to experience rest unlike any you’ve ever felt before, book a float session and get more info at  FloatNashville.com. Tel: 615 567 7222

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