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How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions The Holistic Way: Dr. Karen Phillip Shares How To ReTrain Your Brain For Success

The Holistic WayThe New Year is the time we reassess our position and make a committed effort to change or improve life or ourselves. Early in the New Year is the time when we can look at past issues and decide we will no longer tolerate the same behaviors of others or even ourselves.

The New Year is a perfect time to start new behaviors and make those decisions that will work for us in much better ways. We may have a habit or behavior that no longer serves us or we may have a person in our lives that is becoming difficult or even a job we hate and need a change. It seems the best time to make those decisions is at the commencement of the New Year. Sadly, however, research shows that only 8% of people succeed in achieving their New Year’s Resolutions and most New Year’s Resolutions are discarded by February.

So what can people do to have their 2017 New Year’s resolution stick? Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Phillip advises, “If we decide what it is we want, set the right steps to reach the goal and involve friends or family to keep us accountable; we can usually fulfill our desired result.”

Many people remain unhappy within themselves because they don’t know how to step out of where they are. We can feel like giving up after trying and failing, yet our subconscious voice keeps telling us to keep going or find another way. We just need to know how.

“It is one thing to know what you want to do, but another thing to know how to do it. Setting individual and definitive steps is imperative to reach any goal, and this is what is often missed by people. They set a great goal without the steps to achieve it,” says Dr. Karen Phillip.

How do we go about setting these new behaviors or habits so that they last beyond February?
1. Analyze what it is you want to change and set a time frame to achieve it.

2. Write down your goal or New Year’s Resolution and put it in a public place (fridge, office cubicle, etc.)

3. Determine what you need to fulfill the goal and exactly what steps you will take.

4. Involve those around you who will keep you accountable.

5. Focus on the result and imagine it as achieved.

Virtual Hypnotherapy
We often times feel anxious about trying to stick to a New Year’s Resolution. Virtual Hypnotherapy is a natural, anxious-free remedy that you can implement in the comfort of your own home while you are resting. People wanting to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Reduce Anxiety, Stop Nail Biting, Break Insomnia, Remove those Habits and Addictive Behaviors or Dissolve those Past Issues all found a way or the step they needed to achieve their result, without the use of drugs or chemicals.

Can We Make a New Year’s Resolution Powerful?
The instant you declare this resolution, you make a massive commitment that automatically sets positive forces in motion. Imagining with a clear vision the life you want, how you want to be, look like, or feel helps you start making different choices. The Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions access the subconscious mind, enabling changes to be automatically made. Results are you will choose better. You imagine the great result and gravitate to exactly that. The control and power is given back to you.

1. Your self-confidence will grow as you believe more in yourself and your ability to succeed.

2. Creates a clear vision enabling you to start making different choices. You will choose better.

3. Allows you to develop control over self, behaviors, and actions.

You can start your new, improved life today. Go on, take charge, do what it is you want and need to do for you. It is fast, easy and completely natural, using the power of your mind.

Sessions mentioned plus many more video and hypnotherapy therapeutic sessions can be obtained directly from www.VirtualHypnotherapy.com. More information and articles can be read from Dr. Karen at www.DrKarenPhillip.com.

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