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How to put your body back in balance-and feel Great!

How to put your body back in balance-and feel Great!“I’ve been working with women for almost two decades. Everyone has a unique body and a unique take on fitness, but we all have the same goal: to feel good in our skin. And my goal is the same, too. I want to help every person, young and old, restore balance where balance has been lost”, says top fitness expert and author, Tracy Anderson. Here she explains how:

If you’re overweight, depressed, sleepy, moody, breaking out, or struggling in school, there is likely an imbalance in your body, mind, or emotions; something is off. With simple shifts in the way you eat, the way you move, the way you think, and the way you rest, you can find that sweet spot of equilibrium once again. A healthy life is all about being aware of and reestablishing this balance over and over again, and it’s a lot easier to get back to feeling good when you have acquired the necessary tools at a young age.

So many women want to look like other women and walk me through their celebrity body part wish lists: “I want so and so’s abs, so and so’s upper arms.” I tell them that even though I work with Gwyneth, who’s 5-foot-10 with a slender build, I also work with many different women of all different heights and sizes. I work with Jennifer Lopez, who has the sexiest curves on the planet, and the beautiful Lena Dunham, who has no desire to look like a waif. I am interested only in connecting them and balancing them in their own physical self. It is important to know that women are both curvy and slender in different, but awesome, ways. These women also want to feel strong and alert and alive, but they don’t want to zap their curves completely or push their bodies into a shape that isn’t naturally theirs.

This makes me so happy! I love how different we all are, and I am thrilled when I see women click into what makes them special. I get especially excited when I see young girls feeling comfortable in their own skin, appreciating their bodies for all that they can do. The point is that they all wish to be healthy, and they all work at being healthy and aware. You have the opportunity in this book to own the healthiest version of yourself and never lose the incredible and unique you.

Part of being healthy and balanced is knowing who you are and loving it. This doesn’t mean that you have to accept your body exactly as it is. If you understand what your body is capable of doing naturally and are empowered with the tools and techniques to enhance its performance, you will be amazed at how good you can look and feel, and how powerfully you can show up for every aspect of your life. All you need to do is listen to what your body is telling you. This is one of the best parts of being a teenager! If you begin now, you’ll have a head start that will be with you for the rest of your life.

There is no right way to use this book. This is your book to be used your way. Inside, you’ll find three sections: CONNECT, EAT, and MOVE. Each one is full of simple ideas and practices to spark new ways of thinking and new ways of being. You’ll find some of my favorite tasty recipes that are easy to make at home, as well as easy breakdowns of movements that will ignite your muscles and clear your mind.
When approaching the exercises, please understand that you are free to move at your own pace. Explore the movements and work up to a max of 40 reps on each side for any given movement. What matters is that you continue to try and with each try make progress. In a world where you’re bombarded daily with filtered social media images and magazine covers of photo-shopped celebrities, it’s essential now, more than ever, to create a rock-solid relationship with what’s real and what’s beautiful. You are real. You are beautiful. You are enough.

Win a copy of Tracy Anderson’s amazing new book:

In a world where no selfie gets snapped without a flawless filter and your Instagram idols could teach classes on how to master angles, lighting, and retouching, it’s essential to create a rock-solid relationship with what’s real and what’s beautiful. Here’s the truth: you are real. You are beautiful. Fitness guru Tracy Anderson is here to be your guide as you fully come to that realization, and fortify yourself with the tools to be your best – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Total Teen gives you a solid foundation to lead a balanced life – with absolutely no calorie counting, no fad diets, and no unrealistic workout routines. It’s just a body-positive, crazy-effective approach to living well. Inside, you’ll find exercises, activities, and recipes as well as prompts and questions to spark new ways of thinking and new ways of being. You’ll be amazed at how good you can look and feel, and how powerfully you can.

Author Tracy Anderson’s achievements as a multi-platform fitness and wellness pioneer make her one of the world’s most renowned experts in the health and fitness industry. Best known for her Tracy Anderson Method, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and even Miss Piggy are all devoted fans. With six studio locations, more than 170 DVDs, and her adult fitness title, Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method, she has transformed the bodies of thousands of people across the globe.show up for every aspect of your life.

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