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Is a Funeral Even Necessary?

By Ben Upton, VP of Advance Planning, Family Legacy

Is a Funeral Even Necessary?How many times have we heard our loved ones say “Just throw me in an old pine box or just cremate me?” This sentiment feels good to the person saying it because we feel like it is relieving our family of a burden.

As we grow older, the last thing any of us want is to be a burden on those we love. However, what we often forget is that our death really doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to all those that have ever loved us as they are left behind to cope in a world that we are no longer a part of. This is why we teach every family about the period of time between the event of death and the onset of grief, known as the Acute Loss Period.

There are 7 phases to the Acute Loss Period: Hearing, Sharing, Seeing, Gathering, Connecting, Reflecting, and Celebrating. As we take a family through this process, we are able to put an intentional plan in place that allows those left behind to begin healing. That is because our purpose as a Funeral Home is to make sure every family has an intentional plan in place to help them begin to heal.

Family Legacy funeral homes and cremation centers assist families with pre-planning by giving them a Final Wishes Planner. You can receive a copy of your free Final Wishes Planner from any of our nine funeral homes by visiting our website at www.afamilylegacy.com/planning-ahead

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