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It’s Shorts Season! Are you Ready?

Presented by West Tennessee Vein Center at the Cardiovascular Clinic of West TN

It's Shorts Season! Are you Ready?It’s that time of year again! Temperatures are warming up and hemlines are about to get shorter. Many of us are stepping up our workout routines and getting ready for vacations, but what about the issues that exercise and eating correctly can’t fix?

Do you have varicose veins? You’re not alone! Not only can they be unsightly, but they can also be quite painful! The good news is that there are ways to treat them!

Treating Unsightly Varicose Veins
The VenaCure EVLT procedure treats the source of unsightly varicose veins with no hospital stay, minimal-to-no scarring, no lengthy recovery, and minimal-to-no side effects. In less than an hour, you can be free from bulging, twisted varicose veins and back to enjoying your everyday activities. The VenaCure EVLT procedure is safe, fast, and effective. With the VenaCure EVLT procedure by AngioDynamics, you can show off your legs again. We invite you to learn about vein disease, compare varicose vein removal treatment alternatives, hear what other patients and the media are saying, and then, if you think you’re a candidate, find a local physician trained in performing the VenaCure EVLT procedure.

Benefits of VenaCure EVLT
The VenaCure EVLT system uses targeted laser energy to seal the vein shut and help you look and feel better fast.
• Treatment in less than an hour.
• Can be performed in the doctor’s office.
• Up to 98% success rate.
• Immediate relief of symptoms.
• Return to normal activity immediately – with little or no pain.
• No general anesthesia or hospitalization.
• Minimal-to-no scarring.
• Typically is covered by insurance.

Here’s what to expect from the VenaCure EVLT procedure:
• Your doctor uses ultrasound to map out your vein.
• Local anesthetic is applied.
• A thin laser fiber is inserted through a tiny entry  point, usually near the knee.
• Laser energy is delivered to seal the faulty vein.
• Walking immediately after the procedure is encouraged. Normal daily activity can be resumed; just avoid rigorous activities such as gym workouts.
• There may be minor soreness and bruising.
Any discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter, non-aspirin pain relievers as necessary.

Source: VenaCure EVLT

Learn more about varicose veintreatments by contacting West Tennessee Vein Center at 866-995-9772,or visit our website at www.Cardiovascularclinicofwesttn.com for more information.

West Tennessee Vein Center
at the Cardiovascular Clinic of West TN
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