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Juicing for great Health

Juicing for great HealthHaving a diverse diet and getting all the nutrients you need can be hard with a busy lifestyle. Veronica Williams (pictured) suggests Juicing is a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle that has some great benefits. From helping avoid the common cold to kick starting weight loss, juicing can be your answer to a balancing a healthy and busy lifestyle.

John Hunt owner of The Juice Bar started his juicing journey several years ago and was so inspired that he started a I Love Juice Bar here in Nashville. For John the journey started by watching “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Deadly”. He originally thought getting healthy wasn’t possible. “I was 50-60 pounds overweight, I had a lung infection. Guys in their 40’s can’t all be fit!” He went on a two week juice cleanse and immediately changed his diet and lifestyle. Others like Urban Juicer located in Nashville were also intrigued by the ease of a healthy lifestyle through juice.

One daily juice can help with weight, energy, and your overall lifestyle. It is because juicing allows you to get a large portion of nutrients in just one drink. By adding these vital nutrients to your daily routine you can increase your energy, lose weight, your skin will improve, overall your health improves. At Urban Juicer they pack 1.5 – 2.5 pounds of fruits and vegetables into each of their juices. Shops such as Urban Juicer and Juice Bar also have juices that you can take home too.

When it comes to more serious conditions such as cancer and terminal illnesses juicing is a great option for optimizing nutrition. According to John “there is no miraculous cure from juicing, it’s just nutrition.” 80% of our health is regulated by what we eat and what we don’t eat. When struggling with an illness or disease anything to improve your health can put you the fast track to managing it. Ginger is great for rheumatoid arthritis, juicing ginger will help reduce inflammation.

Celeste Krenz from Urban Juicer talks about how her 3-day juice cleanse helped to reduce inflammation that she suffers from located in her feet and ankle “it’s a reboot button for the body,” she says. Dark green vegetables are high in Vitamin C and E that promote a healthy gut and fight against colon cancer. The benefits that food allows us can be maximized when juicing.
So what do you want to juice? The good news you can pretty much juice anything. The common rule for juicing is to have 80% of greens and 20% fruits. Dark leafy greens are hard for a lot of people to eat but having them in a juice gives you a large portion of the nutrients. One superfood used in juicing is celery. This common stalky vegetable helps to boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, and overall lowers stress levels. This is just one example of a superfood used in juicing that has all around great health benefits. By juicing you can get a wide variety of fruits and vegetables incorporated into your diet.
Start with just one a day and you will instantly start to see the benefits of it! Go check out Juice Bar and Urban Juicer with several locations around Nashville. John and Juice Bar suggests you try out their crowd favorites “Sweet Greens” jam-packed with super greens and lemon that makes it taste like lemonade. At Urban Juicer you can check out the awesome “The Well Being” a drink packed with Kale and Granny Smith apples.

For any additional questions on juicing, you can email I Love Juice Bar at info@ilovejuicebar.com or Urban Juicer at info@urbanjuicer.com.

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