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Kalamatas, healthy eating Mediterranean Style

Kalamatas, healthy eating Mediterranean StyleOne of my favorite go-to places to have lunch in Nashville is Kalamatas. It’s fresh, affordable, quick, and the food is incredible. Kalamatas offers Mediterranean style starters, entrees, and desserts. Foods are flavored with simple yet delicious spices and sauces. Upon entering the restaurant, you look at a menu and pay in line, find a seat, then your meal is delivered to you in five to ten minutes.

The menu is simple and I have yet to find something that I, or someone accompanying me, did not enjoy. Not only does it taste amazing, but Mediterranean food also is a healthy option that aligns with many diets. Mediterranean food tends to grill meats, roast vegetables, and flavor with olive oil, vinegar, and lemon. From salads, to gyro plates, to appetizers to share around the table, Kalamatas has gluten free, vegan, and paleo dishes. Here’s some of my personal favorites:

The Mediterranean Sampler ($7.85)

This sampler platter includes tabbouleh, homemade hummus, stuffed grape leaves, Greek salad, and pita bread.
I can honestly say they make the best tabbouleh in town and the hummus is incredible. Most people order this as an appetizer, but sometimes I order the sampler plate as a meal for myself!

Falafel Salad ($7.95)

If you like falafel, you’ll enjoy this meal. Freshly made falafel is placed on top of a fresh Greek salad and topped with tabbouleh and tzatziki sauce.

Kabob Plate ($9-11)

This entree is served with your choice of grilled meat (chicken, beef, or lamb), roasted vegetables, a Greek side salad, your choice of roasted potatoes or yellow rice, warm pita bread, and tzatziki sauce. This meal is filling and satisfying.

Most of the time service is quick, but if you come during a busy rush, expect to wait in line a few minutes as there is only one cashier. Make sure to try their mango tea and baklava.

You can find Kalamatas in Green Hills, Brentwood, and near Belmont University. They’re open 11am-8pm and are closed on Sundays.

3764 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215



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