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Lavender Oil: 5 top uses

Lavender Oil: 5 top usesSheila McGinnis (pictured) continues her series of articles looking at the uses and benefits of Essential Oils. This month: Lavender

Lavender oil, in my opinion, is one that I truly wouldn’t be without due to its many beneficial uses. Its scientific name is Lavandula and the essential oil is steam distilled from the buds. Do not get confused with Spike Lavender which has more camphor in it.

I want to list the top 5 uses for Lavender essential oil (yes there are many more uses, but these are my favorite).

Calming. Not only is it useful to help relax your mind before bed but it’s also useful for those who suffer mild anxiety. There have been several studies where lavender has been used to help reduce depression as well as PTSD symptoms.

Healing. It can help to relieve burns, cuts, and scrapes due to the antimicrobial compound and best if used with a carrier oil.

Beauty. It’s been used for many years for help with skin and even acne. In combination with Rosemary essential oil it can increase the growth of hair for those who deal with thinning hair.

Headaches. Just inhaling it for about 10-15 min can reduce headache pain and possibly even migraines.
Pain. Whether it’s a stomach ache, muscle pain, or even PMS, massaging in the area of pain calms that part of the body. It’s even being studied for the pain, depression, and nausea for those who are dealing with cancer.

OK I know I said five but here’s one I can’t leave out:
Perfumes, air fresheners, and other items that are “fragrant” contain lots of chemicals that are not good for us to breathe in. Just add a few drops to vodka, or witch hazel and spritz around the house, or even put it in a diffuser.

Lavender is a pretty safe oil but it does come with precautions. Do not use if you are pregnant because it is a natural relaxer, many pregnant women have used but I must URGE you to always check with your doctor first. For the most part, it is safe to use on children; always dilute and use only 1-2 drops. With babies use up to two tablespoons of a carrier oil and only 1 drop of oil, put on bottoms of feet.

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