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Lower Back Pain?


By Results Physiotherapy

Lower Back PainIt affects millions of Americans every year. It sends nearly 10,000 people to the emergency room every day. It consumes billions of dollars in medical costs and lost work annually. And, just after the common cold, Lower Back Pain (LBP) is the most common reason people go to the doctor.

What typically happens with Lower Back Pain (LBP)?
Usually, about 90% of the time, lower back pain symptoms go away within the first month. Unfortunately, it’s also likely your pain will return within the next year—and get worse. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you get diagnosed and treated right the first time.

How can you win the LBP fight today, and tomorrow?  
How will you prevent the pain from recurring? Without the costs and risks of surgery? Physical therapy. Quality, planned, expert physical therapy is usually the fastest, most effective treatment to resolve painful symptoms, and provide long-term strategies for preventing your symptoms from returning. And studies prove the value: When patients with first-time episodes of LBP are instructed in a specific retraining exercise program, they are 12 times less likely to have recurrence of their back pain.

You have options. You’re in control.
Unfortunately, many sufferers want a “quick fix” for back pain and see medication as the only solution. Despite the evidence, a remarkably low percentage of patients seen at their family practice office for back pain are referred to physical therapy. The problem is that medication is only a short-term solution, and pain medications have their own set of potential problems. What is not readily known by the public is that, in most states, patients can now seek treatment from a physical therapist without a physician’s referral. This is a relatively new change, but it has been embraced by insurance companies, because it often results in faster, better, less expensive outcomes.

Keep your money. Get rid of your pain.
There is also strong evidence that, when used early, physical therapy saves the patient and the health system significant amounts of money. A recent study found that when physical therapy was initiated within 14 days of the onset of symptoms, over the duration of the treatment, the patient had $2,736 less in costs than when physical therapy was not initiated in this acute period. Other studies show that utilization of physical therapy within 30 days of a physician visit results in a significant decrease in medical costs from epidurals, surgery, imaging, long-term use of medications and frequent physician visits.

What’s different about care here at Results Physiotherapy?
It starts with a “hands-on” approach using world-class manual therapy techniques that quickly reduce muscle tension and stiffness, so your body is better prepared to heal. You will see a licensed therapist at every visit with Results Physiotherapy, and receive an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs and goals. The entire team at a Results clinic is highly skilled and dedicated to improving the health of every patient. And, for over 20 years Results has helped thousands to live without pain so they can get back to doing the things they love. Call us today and schedule a free consultation!

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