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Nashville fails in the nationwide exercise league

A new report by Gallup-Sharecare in the State of American Well-Being series, examined the rate of regular exercise across the U.S. and ranked 189 communities based on the percentage of respondents in each community who indicated that they exercise 30 or more minutes, three or more days in the last week.
In 2016, the communities with the highest rates of regular exercise are from Colorado (five communities in the top 25) and California (six communities in the top 25). Boulder, Colorado was the number one exercise community in 2016, with almost 70% of their residents indicating they exercise regularly.

Nashville came in a disappointing 133rd, but Clarkesville TN an excellent 9th.

Nationally, there is good news regarding exercise as rates for regular exercise are at their highest point in the nine years since Gallup and Sharecare began measurement. Those exercising 30 minutes or more, three or more days per week jumped two percentage points from 2008, to reach 53.4% in 2016. During this same time period, those who didn’t exercise at all declined by almost 3 points to 27.4%, adding to this positive national trend.

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