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Natural Remedies for Menopause

Jade Spilka looks at some of the non drug options open to Women suffering from the Menopause.

Natural Remedies for MenopauseMenopause symptoms plague most women’s lives when their periods stop permanently, causing them to no longer bear children. These symptoms, however, are avoidable. There are plenty of helpful and natural remedies to combat ongoing struggles caused by menopause. Look into the list below to discover new natural remedies!

Common menopause symptoms and remedies:
The most common menopause symptoms are hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, depression, vaginal dryness, difficulty sleeping, trouble concentrating and memory problems. The most common method for symptomatic relief is, of course, prescription treatments. But for those who shy away from prescription solutions, there are natural options to make this process a bit easier.

First, know what causes symptoms to flare
For women who are suffering with hot flashes, often considered the worst of the symptoms, avoid spicy foods including hot sauce, curry and peppers. Some women may even find the consumption of lemons or coffee to flare up a hot flash.

Focus on sleep
Prescription drugs should not be the initial combat method for menopause symptoms. First, try altering your daily habits to be more consistent and healthy. Good sleeping habits are important for managing symptoms.

“The quality of women’s sleep decreases dramatically during menopause, and the lower sleep quality, the threshold for anxiety and other conditions lowers, too,” said OBGYN Dr. Jeremiah McNamara to the famous Dr. Oz.

See if Black Cohosh works for you
Many women consider Black Cohosh a miracle drug. It comes from the root of the Cimicefuga rascemosa plant. Black Cohosh has a reputation for being a fairly smelly drug. This impact on symptoms is a gradual change as opposed to a quick fix.

Try certain foods
There are theories that eating foods rich in phytoestrogens, plant based estrogens, may relieve menopause symptoms. Though there are no large-scale studies to prove this theory, there is also not a lot of risk. Like most anything that is in relation to the human body, healthy eating habits can only help.

Workout daily
Sedentary people often have a harder time with menopause symptoms. Weight loss can improve hot flashes and possibly other symptoms. These theories do not work for everyone, but they are most definitely a likely solution to at least one problem related to menopause. Plus, stress and anxiety often accompany menopause and can be lessened or alleviated through a consistent workout routine.

Pick up some mountain mint and pennyroyal
Mountain mint and pennyroyal are two mints with high amounts of pugeloans. Pugeloans can cause intrauterine contractions. Pregnant women should not take them, but this is extremely unlikely in a menopausal situation. The hormone balancing action may benefit some women who are suffering from the drastic hormone changes during menopause.

Try Neurofeedback
Local LENS Neurofeedback practitioner, Sheri Rowney from the Harmonized Brain Center in Nashville, claims to have had considerable success with this non drug therapy. LENS Neurofeedback calms the Brain down helping it process and cope with change. See article on page 20 of this issue.

Going forward
It is unlikely that you will find a solution to your symptoms right away. Menopause is a complicated process. It will probably take months of trial and error to find remedies and routines that work for you, but there are good, natural options that are available.


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