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New Year’s Motivation!

By Stephen Bergquist, MD, CWSP, RYT500

New Year's MotivationThe thought of changing to a healthy lifestyle can be a daunting New Year’s resolution.

Like many people, you might have a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. But have you considered what your real motivation for making that resolution is? Wanting to look better? Wanting to feel more desirable? Wanting to look and feel healthier? Wanting your clothes to fit better?

If your resolution is to lose weight, but you haven’t identified your motivation for wanting to make that change, then take a step back and look at that decision closely. Strong motivation is produced when a decision has everything you want and there are no drawbacks in your mind. A decision with both pros and cons will have a weak motivation, and can be like a black hole pulling you away from action.

Steps to Achieving Your Resolution:
• Make a list of reasons you want to set this goal as a resolution for the New Year.

• Make a list of why you don’t want to set that goal. You have to be honest with yourself here; there is a list of “I don’t really want to tackle this” reasons or else you should already be motivated enough to move forward. Maybe this list contains reasons like, “I don’t want to always be hungry,” “I get sick if I don’t eat,” “I feel better emotionally when I eat ice cream,” etc. Working through this list will help you disengage from the negatives that are working to hold you back. There are situations where we have hard choices to make and you need to see the list of reasons on each side of that choice to be motivated to move forward. You will likely notice that for every reason you list for not wanting to move forward, you’ll be able to easily find a way to discredit that thought. As we move our thoughts along this path, they become motivating, and we start action.

• Now let’s guide our physical action the same way we’ve been guiding our thinking. Start your physical activity at your current fitness level. Don’t jump ahead to where you want to be or you will be easily discouraged. There will be some who start with sitting while moving their arms and breathing deeply. There will be others who will be more intentional about walking more. There will be others who have a gym routine. We advance our physical activity as our bodies enable us. And we need to balance this activity with correct and positive thinking. We see both the positive image of our goal, while keeping awareness and acceptance of our body.

• Since your nutritional intake is a key element in this process, you must carefully plan your course for weight loss success. Not only do you need to ensure that you’re taking in enough nutrients to stay healthy, you need to also make sure you’re able to combat the cravings that you’ll find you have when you begin your weight loss journey.

Wellness Products that Enhance Nutrition and Calm Cravings
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