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Peace of Mind Through the Holidays and Beyond

Peace of Mind Through the  Holidays and BeyondBeing a caregiver to senior loved ones is a never-ending job. It’s one that requires time, patience, understanding, and flexibility. It is very easy to find yourself in a “full time” position of caregiver with only “part time” hours at your disposal. Many of us are representative of the “in between” generation. We have full time careers, educations, growing children, spouses, church and social responsibilities, etc. Quite suddenly, we may add caregiver to mom or dad (or both!) to that list. It can be overwhelming, to say the least!

Even if you are able to successfully fit it all in most of the time, there usually comes a point when our other responsibilities may have to take a front seat, at least temporarily. Holiday parties, church services, school programs, or work requirements often arise during these busy winter months. When we find ourselves having to choose between our parents’ needs and our childrens’ needs, the choice can be heartbreaking. It seems that we are all pulled a hundred different directions every day, but even more so during the holidays. Holidays should be a time of joy and peace, not guilt and stress.  The need to be everywhere all at once overwhelms us.

Unfortunately, the winter also brings more risk to our most vulnerable family members. Frequent checks on their health and safety is paramount, no matter how busy our lives become.  Risks such as falls that can result in broken bones, head injuries, wounds that are increasingly difficult to heal in later years, and even hypothermia due to exposure increase as the winter weather moves in. When a senior is spending more time alone, they will often try to take on too much physically, leading to injury.

Depression is also a risk to our seniors during the winter months. Often, the busier we are, the less engaged and involved they are. The lack of social interaction can be detrimental. If you cannot be there with them, it is very important to make sure that someone can be. Companionship for our seniors is more than just a medical necessity. A smiling face, a kind conversation, a gentle reminder, or a shared story or memory from the past can make a huge difference!

Park Terrace is ready, willing and able to love on your loved one! Whether you are looking for respite care during the holidays, or long term assisted living care, we are here to help you!

A Perfect Solution for Our Aging Parents
At Park Terrace Assisted Living, we understand the stress and fears of having parents that are in need of some assistance and we are available to answer any questions you may have. We welcome you to schedule a tour and to come have lunch with us! We’d love to show you why Park Terrace has been the perfect solution for many of our aging parents!

Park Terrace Assisted Living
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