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Rev Up Your Metabolism

By Karina Hammer, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

Rev Up Your MetabolismMetabolism isn’t so easy to change, because every body is different. In fact, different body types metabolize foods at different rates. Heredity also influences the rate of metabolism. Although metabolism is mostly stable due to these factors outside our control, there are a few things that can help rev it up:

1. Engage in weight bearing exercise.
Building muscle mass is important because muscle helps to speed up the rate of metabolism, converting food to energy faster rather than storing it. Cardiovascular exercise is very important too, but don’t forget to pump some iron!

2. Eat meals regularly.
When attempting to lose weight, many people skip meals. This tactic actually signals the body to store fat. Eating regular meals keeps the body in energy burning mode. The body sees fuel coming in and keeps processing it. When it doesn’t see fuel coming in, it thinks you might be starving and it will hold onto whatever is there.

3. Choose wisely.
Eating refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods high in refined carbohydrates will slow down your digestion rather than speed it up. These empty calorie foods cause the body to spend more energy figuring out how to rid itself of the unwanted ingredients, chemicals and toxins. Focus on whole grains, fiber rich foods, such as beans and legumes, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. Your body knows how to work with these nutrients most efficiently.

Karina Hammer is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Co-Founder of Nashville Integrative Health, Writer, Speaker, and Nutrition Expert. Karina offers personal consultations, corporate programs, and wellness classes.
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