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STAR Physical Therapy is Now 20 Years Old!

STAR Physical Therapy is Now 20 Years Old!Wow! It is hard to believe that STAR Physical Therapy is now 20 years old. The founding partners never envisioned STAR would grow to 67 outpatient clinics, 10 contract clinics, and over 515 employees. STAR Partners, Regg Swanson, Kelly Ziegler, Leslie Burton, and Hal Henninger share how STAR has been blessed to work with extremely talented physicians, who have entrusted the care of their patients to our highly trained, skilled and caring clinicians.

We founded STAR 20 years ago with a single mission of serving our communities, our physicians, our patients and our employees. Staying true to our purpose and mission has resulted in STAR’s success, and our place in a strong medical community.

Committed to patients
Sports Medicine has always been the heart of our work in our communities, and the cornerstone of our growth. Licensed athletic trainers serve over 50 area high schools through preventing, recognizing, and treating athletic injuries. Our physical therapists and athletic trainers extend our outreach with free injury screens at YMCAs and fitness centers. STAR’s coverage of area competitive events allows us to serve hundreds of athletes and weekend warriors. These programs have ingrained STAR in the community, and have helped enhance our brand and recognition.

A community is made strong by offering support to its industries and work force. Industrial rehabilitation is another area of focus with STAR. We work with industrial athletes much in the same way we do with our area athletes and weekend warriors.

We help prevent workplace injuries by offering post-offer employment screens, ergonomic assessments of work stations, early injury interventions, and educational programs. We provide return-to-
work programs and functional capacity evaluations to help an industrial athlete safely return to work more quickly, and without reoccurrence. We strive to ensure there is good communication, as this is critical to serving all of the members of the industrial team (physician, employer, case manager, and adjustor).

Committed to communities
STAR’s mission of serving does not stop at our doors. We pride ourselves to extend our reach to fundraising and participating in a range of impactful community events.

Organizations such as Habitat For Humanity, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Wounded Warriors, Make-A-Wish, and the Tennessee Associations of Chiefs of Police have benefitted from the generosity of STAR and our people. STAR is extremely proud to say that our efforts have generated over $100,000 in the past five years to these and other worthwhile causes.

Committed to employees
Most importantly, a community is built around family. The true success STAR has experienced over the past 20 years revolves around serving our people, who have become our families. We have been committed to providing sustainable employment with opportunities for professional growth.

This commitment has allowed STAR to create a strong work environment with amazing and wonderful people, who strive to serve our patients through providing the best evidence-based hands-on clinical care. We offer our employees globally recognized continuing education programs so that they have the opportunity to possess the best clinical skills. This allows them to meet their own individual professional goals, while serving our patients, athletes, and physicians to reach their own goals as well.

Ready to serve
As you can see, STAR’s strengths are rooted in serving our communities, and in turn, our communities have rewarded us with an amazing first 20 years. The bottom line is that our family, the people of STAR, and the relationships they have developed over the years have allowed us to grow and enrich the places where we live and work. STAR is very grateful for the opportunity to serve, and will continue to stay committed to providing excellent quality care for the next 20 years.

STAR – Physical Therapy


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