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Take Time to Exercise

By Johnny Molloy

Take Time to ExerciseIt seems we are all in a hurry these days. We rush around from sunup to sundown, then hurry some more. We demand instant results and instant gratification, from the time we gulp down our instant oatmeal to seeking instant praise from our so-called friends at social networking websites. We try to cram a lot into our day.

Except we seem to be too busy to exercise.

The excuses are many: I simply do not have time. I cannot afford a membership to the gym. I don’t want to get sweaty because then I have to take another shower. And there are more. Many more.

I am guilty too, sometimes. My personal excuses usually revolve around work and church commitments. I have a writing deadline or I don’t want to show up at the meeting wearing hiking clothes and boots.

However, despite my own failings, I do find time to exercise more than not. I contend the time spent exercising prolongs my life, thereby giving me more time in the long run.

When we exercise, it puts the focus on our health. When we focus on our health, we eat better, get our needed rest and do less of the unhealthy things, like lying on the couch staring at the television or our mobile devices.

So how do you fit in exercise? Most people don’t have the luxury I do, having a job into which exercise is incorporated (By the way, not only do I call my job the “forced exercise program” but I also know for an outdoor writer to be credible I have to look the role. In other words, I can’t be a fat outdoor writer. People won’t perceive me as an expert in my field).

Desk jockeys and others with sedentary employment must muster their energy and squeeze exercise into their life. It ain’t easy, but name me something worthwhile that is easy. People who thrive on routine can schedule a time to exercise. Others need to find a friend with which to walk.

Have you been to the Johnson City Mall? The seniors walking the mall are an inspiration. Granted, most don’t have jobs, thus more time, but they are getting out there and doing it, day after day.

Another strategy is to incorporate your family. How about taking the family on a walk around the neighborhood? It can be that simple. Don’t worry about setting some impossible goal. And if you backslide, as we all do, the real determiner is getting back on track. That is where most people fail in good eating and exercise.

Look, you have your whole life ahead of you: think long term. Moreover, if you do start and keep exercising, statistically you will live a longer, healthier life. Then you will have more time in the long run.

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