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Tennova OB/GYN: Quality Suites for Your Delivery Needs

Tennova OB/GYN:  Quality Suites for Your Delivery NeedsWhen you are bringing new life into the world, you shouldn’t have to worry about the accommodations or the clinical expertise of the staff.  Jodie Jerigan King chose to give birth at Tennova Healthcare – Regional Jackson in a labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum (LDRP) room because she knew she could expect quality care in a quality space.  The decision paid off big time.

“Not only was the LDRP suite big enough to house my newborn and my husband, it was a home away from home during a new transition in our lives,” Jodie says.  “We started the birthing process on a Wednesday, took a break the next two days while our doctor was out of town, and then reconvened that Saturday.  At other hospitals that transition may have been bumpy, but with Tennova, everything went smoothly.  I can honestly say I enjoyed the labor and delivery process from start to finish.”

Labor and delivery need a personalized approach tailored to each woman and her specific story.  With Jodie, her process began with a little help from CERVIDIL® — a vaginal insert that helps dilate the cervix.

After Jodie’s doctors began the induction process, Jodie took a break for a few days and came back to repeat the process.  After 15 hours, her doctors decided to move forward and regulate her contractions with Pitocin.  Three hours later, they administered an epidural.

“It was a huge benefit to stay comfortable in my own room,” Jodie says.  “I only had to leave briefly for the cesarean section (C-section),” Jodie says.

C-section gives women another option if vaginal birth is not in the cards due to medical risks such as:
• Current medical condition of mother, like
placenta previa
• Lack of labor progression
• Pinched umbilical cord or fetal distress
• Breech or sideways position of the baby

For Jodie, the surgery was the right call, but every birth is unique and takes a dedicated team and the expert guidance of professionals to ensure the safest experience.

“The time flew by, and before I knew it, I was back in my room, welcoming my baby girl into the world and into a warm, inviting space where she could stay by my side,” Jodie says.  “When I began breastfeeding her for the first time, I didn’t have to go through it alone and relied on the seasoned nursing staff for extra guidance.  They encouraged me and made me feel safe and truly cared for, which is something every mom needs, especially the day of delivery.”

From a space to call her own to a support staff that knew how to thoughtfully, accurately, and efficiently guide the birthing process, Tennova thought of everything so Jodie didn’t have to.

For the comfort and convenience of our patients, all Tennova hospitals feature LDRP rooms.  For more information about OB/GYN services at Tennova, please visit www.tennovawest.com/medical-services/

About Tennova Healthcare
One of the state’s largest health networks, Tennova Healthcare includes 16 hospitals and more than 115 physician clinics.  The combined network has approximately 2,600 licensed beds, 2,800 physicians on the combined active medical staffs, and 9,000 employees, with more than 70,000 admissions and 465,000 emergency department visits each year.  Tennova Healthcare – Regional Jackson is owned, in part, by physicians.  Learn more at Tennova.com.

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