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The Four Step Slow Eating Process

By Karina Hammer, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach

 The Four Step Slow  Eating ProcessThere are four steps to begin listening to your inner wisdom and slowing down when it comes to eating. The steps might sound simple, and they really are. Due to our fast-paced lives and the fast food we’ve become accustomed to, slowing down and taking notice of what we are eating may seem like a luxury to some. With practice, you’ll soon find it’s a necessity for your health as you notice your digestion and your relationship with food improve.

1. Slow down – When you step out of your daily routine and take even just a moment for peace, you quiet the endless chatter in your head and allow your body’s wisdom to speak up. Pick two times during the day to stop what you are doing, breathe, reflect, and give thanks for your incredible body that breathes, sleeps, and operates each day.

2. Chew your food – Chewing your food allows your digestive juices to do their job by helping you properly assimilate food and absorb nutrients. And also, chewing your food and experiencing the taste, texture and smell of each bite will lead to a more enjoyable experience.

3. Eat and listen – Keep a log of what you eat every day and how you feel two hours after eating it. Are you still hungry? Are you too full? Are you satisfied? Is your stomach settled? What are you craving? By listing not only what you are eating but also how it makes you feel, you will begin making a connection to what you eat and how it affects your digestion, your energy levels and your mood.

4. Honor your body – Start by making your health and your body a priority. Try a new exercise routine, go for a brisk walk, or participate in a yoga class. When you take time for your health and well-being, you send positive messages to your body, such as, “I honor you and my health. I am in touch with you, so that you can be in touch with me.”

When you slow down, chew your food, listen to and honor your body, you will reconnect with that inner voice that tells you each day all you need to know about what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. There is no one, single miracle diet that will tell you what your own body needs in order to be happy, fulfilled and healthy. You are your own guide for healthy eating and living.

Karina Hammer is a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in digestive and vocal health. She is available for personal consultations, workshops and seminars, conferences and keynotes, speaking engagements, telesummits and media appearances. www.karinahammer.com

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