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The most commonly asked questions about Sex in 2017

New research from Durex (manufacturers of condoms) revealed some of the most Googled sex questions from around the world this year. They include: ‘Where is the G-spot’? ‘How to make a woman orgasm’, and three, worryingly, about STDs:’ Can you get rid of herpes’? ‘How to get rid of genital warts’ and ‘What is the clap’? Other familiar ones were: ‘How to get a bigger penis?’ followed logically, by: ‘How to measure a penis’? For No: 9 you’ll have to go to this website (www.maxim.com) to find out more.

The last most commonly asked question was: ‘How long does sex last?’ Other surveys have already answered this question: An October 2015 survey by sex toy retailer Adam & Eve revealed that on average, ‘foreplay lasts a good 20 minutes, while the actual sex part of sex only lasts 7.3 minutes’. Other surveys say “a quickie of only one to two minutes is way too short,  three to seven minutes is merely “adequate,” seven to 13 minutes is “desirable,” and a 10 to 30-minute romp is simply too long”. Another survey of commonly asked (i.e Googled) questions about sex added these to the list: ‘Can you get pregnant during your period?’ and ‘Can you get pregnant in water?’ For the answers to all these questions talk to your Doctor, Siri, Alexa or, of course, Google.

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