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Transformative Sound Therapy Ancient Tradition Meets Quantum Physics

Transformative Sound Therapy Ancient Tradition Meets Quantum PhysicsQuantum physics has proven that frequency is the foundation of life. According to Janice Doochin, RN, NHC (pictured), everything is frequency, waveforms, vibration, and resonance, and our cells communicate through electromagnetic impulses. Healthy frequencies in the brain and body are between 2 and 12 hertz, while a cell phone creates frequencies over 1 billion hertz – this is like putting your head up to a microwave oven.

The Downside of Technology
Thousands of studies ( have now proven adverse health effects from toxic EMFs (electromagnetic fields) generated by cell transmissions, Wi-Fi, GPS, smart meters, etc. The World Health Organization has declared cell phones as likely carcinogenic. Hundreds of very reputable scientists, physicians, and researchers are calling for limits on this technology. Countries like France have banned Wi-Fi in preschools.

Not coincidentally, in the last 30 years since the widespread proliferation of these technologies, there has been an exponential rise in many health conditions such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic illness, and ADHD in adults and children. As normal cell signaling in the body has become disrupted, the immune system has become compromised, and illness has ensued depending on that person’s body blueprint. Also, we are all heavy metal toxic from many environmental sources, and metals in the cells act as an antenna to bring in more toxic EMFs.

Sound Frequency Therapy
UrielTones ( is a patented and completely non-invasive sound frequency therapy that balances the autonomic nervous system and directly recalibrates the electromagnetic field of the body. By restoring healthy frequencies in the body, UrielTones is having incredible results on sleep, stress, pain and inflammation, nervousness, kids with ADHD, and more.

Client Testimonial:
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in 2002. I, of course, have used homeopathic treatments, restructured my diet, etc. for the past 14 years. I have never slept so well in the past 14 years as I have since using UrielTones. I used to get up 4-5 times a night, but the other night, I only got up 1 time. It is a miracle.

I am having the same results as others on the calmness of mind. It is wonderful. Also, my pain from fibromyalgia has decreased which is why I can sleep so much better at night. This has been a real life saver. UrielTones has helped more in the short time that I have used it than all the supplements, diet changes and stress reduction techniques over 14 years. – Helen F.

UrielTones is powerfully unique compared to anything in frequency medicine, or sound, or music therapy.

It consists of human sound (assimilated by the body much deeper than a digitally produced sound or frequency) that has been proprietarily modulated to create an oscillating waveform that is very restorative for the brain (headphones) and body (pads). It is in physician offices and wellness centers as a professional unit, and as a home unit across the world.

Janice Doochin, RN, NHC, is the owner of In Harmony Wellness Center which is the only Nashville location for the UrielTones technology.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call 615.353.9393, or visit us online at

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