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Treating Hair Loss with Robots and Stem Cells?

Before and after using the amazing ARTAS hair replacement technology.Everywhere you look there is another futuristic breakthrough right out of a TV cartoon episode of the Jetsons. From cars that drive themselves to stem cells and robots that help restore thinning hair – modern breakthroughs seem to be everywhere. Even right here in Nashville! Michael Ramsey (pictured) at PAI Medical Group explains how they treat patients with state of-the-art hair restoration options hardly imagined a few years ago.

Treating hair loss with stem cells seems like science fiction but it’s being done. As featured on Good Morning America, Dr. Jennifer Ashton talks about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), “If you inject these growth factors directly into the scalp it does several things. It increases the health and diameter of the existing follicles, and it also recruits new growth. It is even thought to prevent the existing hair from falling out.” Stem cells, bioactive enzymes, and growth hormones are all components of a PRP treatment. These important blood components are helpful in recruiting and encouraging hair cells to reengage to produce more hair and healthier hair. This impressive non-surgical procedure effectively treats many different types of hair loss and offers an exciting new way to help both men and women with thinning hair.

In medicine today, robotics provide surgeons with precision and micron-level accuracy not possible with human hands, thereby delivering patients better outcomes in less invasive ways. PAI Medical uses ARTAS robotic technology, the only FDA approved robotic hair transplant option available in the world. “The robot assists the surgeon and medical team by performing a follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant in the most accurate way possible.” says Michael Ramsey, Clinic Director, “As the only dedicated, specialized, full service surgical hair restoration practice in TN, it was important for us to offer patients the absolute best (FUE) hair transplant option. It complements our non-surgical treatments and trademarked Multi-Unit Hair Grafting™ hair transplant procedure very well.”

The old days of hair plugs and unnatural looking hair transplants are long gone. Today, men and women with hair loss can permanently and naturally fill in balding or thinning areas with their own growing hair.

In the article The Psychological Impact of Alopecia, Nigel Hunt, lecturer in applied psychology, and Sue McHale, senior lecturer in biopsychology, points out, “Most of the research shows that people with alopecia (hair loss) have higher levels of anxiety and depression than controlled groups. They also experience lower self-esteem; poorer quality of life and hair loss can be psychologically damaging.” We all know a former school-mate who was dramatically affected by hair loss. It not only changed how they look and feel about themselves, but it also altered their entire outlook on life.

In a time when looking your best often means feeling your best it’s nice to know the future is here. From cars that can drive themselves to stem cells and robots that help restore thinning hair, hair loss can be a thing of the past.


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