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URIEL Sound Frequency Therapy

All Things Health & Wellness with Alicia

I am all about preventative health. I always have annual physical exams, blood tests, dental exams, I have just started getting annual mammograms, I stay on top of my thyroid levels, and I control my stress by balancing strength training, cardio and yoga. What if we could do more to challenge our health to be better? What if you could find a place that holistically balances your mind and body? What if you could find a place that would recalibrate the body back to its normal functioning state so you could achieve total vital balance?

I found that place.. IN HARMONY for Wellness and Rejuvenation.

I met with the owner, Janice Doochin, anin_harmony_logo RN with a background in Oncology, and Marcia Lewis, the clinical director. Marcia is also an RN. It is always refreshing to talk with someone who loves what they do. They have several testimonies from clients that have benefited from the services that IN HARMONY has to offer. Janice and her incredibly talented team have a primary goal… to educate and help the community on achieving balanced mental, spiritual and physical health. The newest technology at IN HARMONY is URIEL.

uriel_logoURIEL is a very powerful and unique technology that is exclusive to a limited number of centers here in the US and in Europe. URIEL is a non-invasive sound frequency device used to produce amazing results for adults and children that suffer from sickness, stress, depression and developmental and sleep disorders. Music has been used for years to simply help relax people and it has been proven that relaxation improves the immune system. Sound has been used as a healing or calming tool for thousands of years and is now used to promote wellbeing. Specific tones are designed for each individual to help with pain control, relaxation, meditation, sleep and enhanced productivity. The session is very soothing, many people fall asleep. I started my session by lying on a massage table, earphones were placed over my ears, and pads were placed on my ankles, wrist, stomach and neck (because I suffer from Thyroid problems). I was left alone in the dimly lit room listening to the “general health frequency tones” and feeling the vibrations from the pads. I have to tell you, it was very relaxing. One of the tones brought me back to a time in my younger life when I didn’t have a care in the world and the hum of a boat motor and the warm air made me sleep. Remember those days? It was nice to revisit that feeling.

The frequency tones promote healing and happiness, the tones relax your body and mind which results in calmness and peace.

After half an hour, the sound faded and it was time to return to the noise of my life. Leaving the wellness center, I felt like my head had been cleansed of clutter. The therapy helped me find a deep relaxed state. I would recommend URIEL to anyone who needs to create a more centered and grounded awareness within their life.

Mention this review for your free 30 minute wellness consultation and get a free 30 minute URIEL session.

In Harmony also provides colon hydrotherapy, customized wellness, detox and weight loss programs, massage, hair mineral analysis, infrared sauna therapy and natural spray tanning. For more information, please visit


In Harmony Wellness Center

6596 Highway 100

Nashville, TN 37205

(615) 353-9393

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