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Vitamin D: Let the Sunshine In For Healthy Living

Vitamin D: Let the Sunshine In For Healthy LivingIt is estimated that one billion people are Vitamin D deficient worldwide, according to Vitamin D expert Dr. Michael Holick of Boston University School of Medicine.  Vitamin D plays an important role in a wide range of chronic health conditions as well as providing a critical role in the absorption of Calcium and Phosphorous.

Human beings acquire Vitamin D from the sun. People living in Northern Latitudes where the angle of the sun’s rays are unable to produce adequate amounts of Vitamin D to the skin are more likely to develop and die of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, colon, pancreatic, breast and other types of cancer.  Vitamin D deficiency causes havoc in vitro and throughout the life span of human beings.

To read the full article on the importance of vitamin D, please visit

Source:  Boston University (2007, July 19). Vitamin D Deficiency: Common And
Problematic Yet Preventable. ScienceDaily. Retrieved November 8, 2008, from

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