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What do Tennesseans hate most about dating?

What do Tennesseans hate most about dating?‘Hater,’ the dating app for people who hate the same things, has released a U.S. map showing what users in each State dislike the most. Hater matches singles based on the things they mutually hate, whether going to the gym, bloggers or Seinfeld. After downloading the app, users are asked to give their thoughts on a variety of topics by swiping right for like, left for dislike or opting out by clicking neutral. The results are random and pretty unscientific but make for an interesting read.

Georgian daters hate Tuna Salad; Texans, Sleeping with the window open; Californians, Fidget Spinners; South Carolinas, Edward Snowden… and Tennesseans? Foraged Food!

For the full list, go to:

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