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Women’s Nutritional Health Center Helps You Remove Barriers That May Be Preventing Your Recovery

By Dr. Charley F. Ward, Chiropractic Physician & Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinician

There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off.
Proverbs 23:18

Women’s Nutritional Health Center Helps You Remove Barriers That May Be Preventing Your RecoveryHave you ever wondered how you or someone you care about can be using the most advanced medication for, let’s say, high blood pressure and yet the blood pressure will not stabilize?  Or, someone undergoes a relatively routine surgery and just won’t heal as expected?  Much to the frustration of the patient and the doctor, a resolution to the problem just doesn’t seem to be forthcoming despite valiant efforts.

What is going on here?  If we are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and we are to presume our ability to heal based on this wonderful truth, why don’t we just get better?  What’s in the way?  Well, that’s exactly what’s going on.  Something is in the way of the bodies’ natural ability to heal itself.  Excluding a very small percentage of truly genetic issues, we believe we have some answers.

Food Immune Reactivity
There are only four primary “barriers to recovery” that need to be recognized and removed.  The first is Inflammation Related Food Sensitivities.  We call it Food Immune Reactivity. Although many people have been diagnosed with food allergies, Food Immune Reactivity (FIR) is intolerance to certain food molecules creating inflammation with long-term negative health benefits.

Many people with FIR have no symptoms that they can directly relate to eating the offending food.   Grains such as wheat and corn, sugars, dairy, and eggs are foods most likely to cause FIR.  Because these foods can cause inflammation, they can be related to myriad symptoms for which various pharmacological interventions are used with no resolution.

Some of the symptoms related to Food Immune Reactivity are skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, acne, rosacea, and hives.  Neurological disorders such as ataxia (loss of muscle coordination), severe headaches, and behavioral problems such as ADD and ADHD have been associated with FIR.  Autoimmune diseases such as lupus and MS have been linked to FIR.

As if that weren’t enough, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anemia, asthma, unexplained weight gain or loss, cardiomyopathy (heart muscle disease), and chronic infections have also been associated with Food Immune Reactivity.

Digestive disorders are by far the most obvious symptoms of FIR.  The most common symptoms are bloating, gas, heartburn, GERD, reflux, diarrhea (sometimes violent), constipation, cramping, stomach pain, and nausea.  Of course a boatload of acid sopper drugs like Prilosec have been prescribed for these symptoms with no lasting resolution.

Removing the “barrier to recovery” of Food Immune Reactivity is vital to giving your “fearfully and wonderfully made” body the opportunity to heal itself.

Chronic Immune Challenges
The second most common “barrier to recovery” is Chronic Immune Challenges.  These are not active infections but rather an ongoing, low-grade challenge to your immune system.  Chronic Immune Challenges can be from previous active infections which your body has not fully resolved due to other “barriers to recovery,” such as FIR or Heavy Metal Toxicity.  There is a continuous behind the scenes battle going on that robs you of your vitality and ability to recover from other health issues.  Chronic Immune Challenges may be stealth (hard to find, easily hidden) bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic issues.  The endotoxins produced by these organisms are often found in people who have felt bad for a long time and just can’t seem to get well.  Many autoimmune diseases are chronic immune challenges.

Supporting the body in its efforts to handle Chronic Immune Challenges is of paramount importance in handling many of our nagging, resistant health issues.

Heavy Metal Toxicity
Another barrier to recovery, Heavy Metal Toxicity, is a major problem for many Americans.  This form of toxicity originates from everyday exposures for which you probably have no awareness.  For instance, mercury toxicity usually comes from amalgam (silver/50% mercury) filings in teeth, some childhood inoculations, flu shots, pneumonia shots, and other inoculations preserved with mercury.  Aluminum toxicity can stem from aluminum cookware, antiperspirant deodorants, aluminum cans, and some antacids.  Other heavy metals can come from hair coloring, automobile exhaust, paint, water pipes, dyes, wood preservatives, and a number of other sources.

Heavy Metal Toxicity has a very suppressive effect on any system of the body, especially the immune system.  If you have heavy metal toxicity, you have probably seen many other doctors with no one able to pin point your problem, and you have probably not responded well to any type of therapy—and will not—until you have reduced the levels of metals in your body.

The “barrier to recovery” of Heavy Metal Toxicity” suppresses your ability to recover and should be handled as a priority.

Chemical Toxicity
Chemical Toxicity is so common to modern life that we literally can’t avoid it.  Among the most common chemicals to which we are exposed are:  acetates, chlorine, food dyes and preservatives, formaldehyde, toxic chemicals found in cleaning products, hydrocarbons, medications, perfumes and other fragrances like dryer sheets and laundry detergent, pesticides, petroleum solvents, and plastics.

Chemical toxicity can be expressed by a host of symptoms including severe pain in any part of the body.  Any organ can be affected by chemical toxicity, however since the liver, kidneys, and bowels are our primary organs of eliminating toxins, symptoms often relate to these organs.

Signs of the liver having difficulty removing a chemical toxin can include, for no apparent reason, nausea, bloating, or other digestive symptoms.  If the kidneys are having difficulty, backache, bladder pain, and fluid retention may be the primary signals.

Unexpected abdominal cramping and diarrhea may be the symptom involved if the bowels are having trouble eliminating toxic chemicals. Skin issues and congested sinuses are often a reflection of chemical toxicity as the body tries to eliminate the toxin through the skin and/or mucous membrane.

A healthy diet made up of lots of REAL FOOD will support the efforts of the liver, kidney and bowels to eliminate chemical toxins from the body.

We at Women’s Nutritional Health Center are dedicated to helping you identify and remove the “barriers to recovery” that might be affecting your ability to live a healthy, vibrant life.  GOD BLESS

I had burning and redness in the bottom of my feet for many years.  I had been to many doctors and they were unable to find the cause.  The burning and redness went away when the mercury levels went down in my body.  I now have more energy than ever before.  Thank you for caring about people and changing lives.  Deborah H.

I have known Dr. Charley Ward for nearly 40 years.  Let me state quite clearly, if I didn’t thoroughly know Dr. Ward’s sincere desire for natural and good health, the quality of his work, and his outstanding insight for truth, I would never even consider this personalized nutrition program – it seems so strange to me.  However, when my daughter-in-law had a heart rate of 130 (tachycardia), after experiencing the finest professional care, only Dr. Ward, with his system, was able to normalize her heart rate on a permanent basis.  From this point, I decided to give the program a try with my rheumatoid arthritis, heart dysfunction, and breathing congestion.  I must be truthful and confess that all three have departed from my experiences.  This has resulted in my whole family being on the program.  We travel from Chattanooga for the joy of good and lasting health.  With appreciation, Dr. Thomas A. O.

In 1998 I had angioplasty –  two stents and one artery that couldn’t do a stent.  This started all my medications.  Seems every time I went to the medical doctor they added more meds…I did not feel good and my medical doctor told me I was diabetic.  My A1C was 7.7.  What a wakeup call.  My chiropractor recommended Dr. Charley Ward.  Wel,l everything has been uphill from there.  Dr. Charley blew me away with his knowledge.  You’ve heard that we are what we eat…that is true.  Dr. Charley started me eating right and adding natural whole food supplements.  It has been about six months and I have lost 32 pounds and have stopped a lot of my meds.  I have seen my medical doctor and the results blew him away.  My A1C was 6.00 and all others results were good also.  Dr. Charley is dedicated to helping us with our health and really cares for us.  I thank the Lord for putting Dr. Charley in my life.  Ted W.

Since detoxing mercury with Dr. Ward – virtually all of my symptoms have gone away: exhaustion, hair loss, feeling extremely cold all the time, weight gain, mental fog – all have cleared.  Lisa B.

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