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Women’s Nutritional Health Center Presumes Health to be Our Natural State

By Dr. Charley F. Ward – Chiropractic Physician & Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinician

Women’s Nutritional Health Center Presumes Health to be Our Natural StateI will Praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Your works.
Ps 139:14

The verse above says it all.  We at Women’s Nutritional Health Center presume our natural, God-given state to be one of vibrant health reflecting the fearfully and wonderfully made bodies we were given.  We presume that, if we can remove the “barriers to recovery” acquired during our lifetime, our amazing bodies can repair themselves as designed.

We presume that, even though it may take several years to restore the ravages of a lifetime, these bodies are capable of replacing each old, sick cell with new healthier cells up to our genetic potential.  We presume that life can be lived with health and vitality until the end, going out like a good candle…burning bright until there’s nothing left, spitting, sputtering, and finally going out.

My, my… aren’t we presumptive?  We all presume something about our health, don’t we?  Which would you choose?  Do you presume that your natural state is one of dependence on pharmaceutical intervention?  As for us and our households, we presume and choose the truth… “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Now, once again we want to remind you that we are not anti-medicine.  We are anti-over use of medicine.  We are anti “drugs for every health issue and nothing but drugs for every health issue.”  We are anti “if drugs fail, remove the organ.”  Mercy! If drugs and surgery could make us well, there wouldn’t be any sick people anymore.  We wouldn’t have to continue to build new and bigger hospitals.  We wouldn’t have to house frail, broken down, memory impaired folks in nursing homes until their bodies give up the struggle.

NO!  We are PRO “building health.”  We are PRO removing the “barriers” to the capability of your body to heal, as it was designed by its Creator.  We are PRO feeding your body REAL FOOD that it can use to replace those old, sick cells with healthier more vital cells.  We are PRO helping you eliminate new barriers that might present themselves in the course of living in a toxic world.  We are PRO supporting your body when it inevitably succumbs to the myriad of organisms and/or toxic chemicals with which we are dealing on a daily basis.  We are PRO helping you live a life full of health and vitality so that your life candle burns brightly until it spits, sputters and goes out.  We are PRO helping you live life “bigly.”

Here’s Where the Rubber Meets the Road
The words take responsibility are the key to realizing your body’s “fearfully and wonderfully” made capabilities.  You knew this was coming didn’t you?  We do so love to share our reason and passion for why we do what we do, but you should also know that we are about ACTION!  It takes responsibility to take action.  If you think we are about just giving you some supplements for your ailments, you’ve got us all wrong.

Remember our name?  Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  It is about nutrition.  We are not Women’s Supplement Health Center.  Sure we use whole food supplements to help you remove the “barriers to recovery” and then “support recovery.”

We also use the highest quality herbal products mostly to temporarily support sick, tired organs and systems until your body can bring about repair.  All of our products have been used by hundreds of practitioners like us for many tens of thousands of people just like you with tremendous success for many years.

But it’s not these amazing, reliable products that repair your body and restore health and vitality.  So what is it?  What repairs/heals your body?  It is that same power that causes the inanimate, lifeless dust from which we were made to function with intelligence as a living being.  It is that “breath of life” that God breathed into our nostrils when He “formed man from the dust of the ground.”  It’s part of our original design and still works as well today as it did for Adam and Eve.  It just has a lot more interference these days than it did in the perfect Garden of Eden.

Imagine a world in which the 82,000 different chemicals used by mankind had not yet been developed.  Imagine the quality of nutrition found in food that grew in soil not tainted with artificial fertilizers and pesticides.  Imagine what water must taste like without the toxic residue of industrialization.  Imagine what clean air must feel and smell like.  If the Beatles were still together they could write a song about it.

Just like we can’t imagine the shaking of the earth and the dust cloud developed by a herd of a million buffalo running the plains, we really can’t imagine this perfection, because we no longer have a frame of reference.  Oh sure, there are places where things are better, but no place on earth is untouched.  SO WHAT DO WE DO?

Simply put…we do the best we can with what we have.  It’s not rocket science.  We need to eat REAL FOOD.  Sure it’s not as good as it was 100 years ago, but it’s a million times better than all these products that come in a package.  Just because the box says “fortified” does not make it nutritious.

Oh, it’s easier to eat prepared products, but it’s not easier to live in the broken down, sick body that will be the ultimate result.  It’s certainly not easier to watch our children suffer from diseases that used to be relegated to adults or diseases that were mostly unheard of in what Tom Brokaw called “The Greatest Generation.”

It’s all about taking RESPONSIBILITY for our own health and the health of our children and future generations.

We are committed to helping you take control and get back what these bodies were “fearfully and wonderfully” designed to do.  GOD BLESS

As a new mom, I was struggling with a severe case of hyperthyroidism.  My heart felt like it could give out at any moment it was beating so fast.  I could not lift my child without difficulty or go up stairs without feeling like I would pass out.  I struggled with insomnia, couldn’t focus and lost down to 94 pounds.  I didn’t think I could commit to the nutritional program because I live nearly four hours away.  To make a long story shorter…thanks to Dr. Charley all my symptoms listed are gone plus many others are now gone!  Since my improvement, my family of seven is now driving the 4-hour trek.  They are seeing wonderful results as well for conditions such as prostate, to thyroid to ADD.  Chris O.

Wow, where do I begin?  When I came to you I had spent the previous seven weeks with my family practitioner treating me for ulcers and H Pylori with antibiotics.  He finally stated he had no clue how to help relieve my pain, IBS symptoms, acid reflux symptoms and he even mentioned cancer.  Now I feel like a new person.  I experience regulated energy, not bursts followed by flat-line or plummeting levels.  I sleep consistently 8-9 hours each night and awaken refreshed and rested.  Cravings and hunger are gone.  All my life painful and long menstruation periods have controlled me.  Not now.  No more pain medications needed for painful joints, cramping muscles and embarrassing gas – all gone!  So, thank you.  You are the first to offer me the answers which brought real lifestyle change and results.  My unhealthy lifestyle had become an issue of prayer for me, and God directed me to you for the help that I needed.  Lisa B.

Women’s Nutritional Health Center
413 East Unaka Avenue, Johnson City, TN  37601
423-202-6216 | www.womensnutritionalhealthcenter.com

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