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Women’s Nutritional Health Center Reveals the “Secret” Combination to a healthier more vital life

By Dr. Charley F. Ward, Chiropractic Physician & Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinician

Women’s Nutritional Health Center Reveals the “Secret” Combination to a healthier more vital lifeWe know that we are abundantly blessed to be able to do what we do.  There are few activities that bring greater satisfaction than helping people improve their health.  We love it.  Many of the people that come to Women’s Nutritional Health Center have already tried standard medical care and have often spent thousands of dollars looking for solutions to their health issues.  They are frustrated with the lack of results and their healthcare provider’s seeming lack of responsiveness to their problem.  One of the most common statements we hear is,“This is my last resort. . . If you can’t help me, I don’t know what I’ll do.”  That’s a pretty sad statement, and we hear it all too often.  It’s especially disturbing when you consider that here in the United States, we have the finest medical care in the world.  There are powerful drugs that have saved numerous lives, and, of course, surgery can be absolutely necessary.  However, the majority of drugs merely suppress symptoms, and many surgeries are another glaring proof that drugs don’t heal anything but come with significant risk to your health.

Prescription drugs…the 3rd leading cause of death in America
After heart disease and cancer, prescription drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death.  When you add in hospital acquired infections, medical errors and deaths from unnecessary surgeries, the impact is staggering.  If you Google “Death by Medicine” you can get all the details.  Scary, but true.

This bit of information shouldn’t come as a surprise considering all medications have side effects, and few people that are on medications are on just one.  Go look in your own medicine cabinet.  I am thankful for the medications that are keeping people alive and improving the lives of others.  However, I am very concerned about the detrimental effects of “drugs and nothing but drugs” for every problem without actually addressing overall health of the patient.  I believe poly-pharmacy (the over prescribing of drugs) to be a major threat to your health and the health of your family.

Real Food Yields Genuine Replacement Parts
Health and sickness begin at the cellular level.  As cells become weakened from a poor diet, environmental toxins, etc., organs eventually become weakened and ultimately diseased.  By the time you feel sick, you have been getting sick for a long time.  The genuine replacement parts from which your body builds cells can, in many cases, actually reverse this process and they come from real food.

If you eat junk, you have a junk body that is susceptible to all manner of health issues.  If you begin to eat better, you will build healthier cells and eventually a healthier body.  I think that makes perfect sense, and we prove it every day at Women’s Nutritional Health Center.

Let’s face the fact that we all want to feel better, yesterday, even if we have spent a lifetime getting sick.  It’s just human nature.  Since you have already created deficiencies of genuine replacement parts necessary to sustain healthy cells and rebuild sick cells, it can be very time consuming to improve your health solely by improving your diet.  That’s where concentrated whole food nutritional supplements come in.

Concentrated whole food supplements have the capability of correcting nutritional deficiencies created by years of poor eating habits.  Many products we call “food” are not food at all but man altered concoctions designed to last on the shelf for years.  Real food spoils quickly.  These products don’t support life but contribute to sickness and disease.  I’m sure you can readily understand the difference between dead, devitalized pseudo-foods “fortified” with synthetic vitamin fractions and real, whole live foods bursting with the nutrients that support a vital, active life.

The “Secret” Combination
Well, it’s not really such a “secret,” but you would think it is, considering the medical industry doesn’t usually address this simple solution to improving health.  Unfortunately modern medicine’s answer to sickness is treating symptoms and rarely about rebuilding a healthier body.  So that being as it is, it is up to the individual to take responsibility for their own health.

The “secret” combination is (now don’t tell anyone unless you want them to live a healthier life):  learn how to feed your body genuine replacement parts and use concentrated, whole food nutritional supplements to help correct nutritional deficiencies.

That’s what we do here at Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  We help you design a “Personalized Health Improvement Program” designed just for you, teaching you how to eat a healthy diet and use concentrated, whole food nutritional supplements to help correct deficiencies.  If you follow the program and give it some time, you WILL improve your health by building healthier cells which will lead to a healthier body.  Now that’s health care!  What a novel concept…building health rather than treating symptoms.

I started getting ill in May and very ill by June.  I went to a medical doctor who took many different blood tests which all came back normal.  At my daughter’s recommendation, we took the 3-hour trip to see Dr. Ward.  At first, I thought his method was strange but wanted to give it a fair try.  He suggested ways for me to eat healthier and gave me some food supplements to take.  Soon I was feeling better and, much needed, began to lose weight.  I was able to reduce then stop blood pressure medication.  I am still taking some supplements, eating healthier and I feel great!!  As the old saying goes, “The proof is in the pudding.”  Eugenia H.

For several years I had pain in my right side.  I had surgery twice and the doctor said there was nothing left in there that could make me hurt.  But, the pain was still there.  I started to see Dr. Ward at the Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  He found several things wrong.  Today with his help I have no more pain and have lost 30 some pounds.  I eat better and feel so much better. Thanks very much to Dr. Ward.  Lisa H.

Six months ago I was overweight with little or no energy.  I had borderline high cholesterol and an auto-immune disease that was slowly taking over my life.  Under Dr. Ward’s guidance, today I’m 25 pounds lighter, my cholesterol numbers have dropped 20 points and that ugly auto-immune disease is well under control!  No kidding.  I feel 20 years younger.  Six months ago my motto would have been, “I’ve maxed out, passed my prime”, but today I would honestly say, “I’ve only just begun!”  Thank you, Dr. Ward and Women’s Nutritional Health Center Staff.  Thank you so much.  Judy P.

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