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Women’s Nutritional Health Center Takes On Chronic Illness

By Dr. Charley F. Ward – Chiropractic Physician & Master Nutrition Response Testing Clinician

Women’s Nutritional Health Center Takes On Chronic IllnessAmerica and the world are truly facing a health care crisis.  This crisis is not only one of how we pay the exorbitant cost of health care.  It’s astronomically more than that.  It’s one of how we restore our health and even more importantly how we prevent further decline in the health of future generations.  Give it some thought.  Do you spend time in Sunday school and Bible study classes praying for the sick or giving thanks for wellness?   Are Americans healthier now than they were 40 years ago…20 years ago?

From the hindsight of 40 years involvement in natural health care, I have observed a steady decline in overall health with each generation.  When I was in college forty five years ago, Alzheimer’s disease was almost nonexistent.  Autism, ADD and ADHD, and type 2 diabetes in children were almost nonexistent.  In fact, there were so few young people with type 2 diabetes that it was called adult onset diabetes.  We are now facing a barrage of autoimmune diseases destroying the very backbone of America’s future—our young people.

For decades, Americans have poured billions upon billions of dollars into research attempting to find mono-therapeutic cures (a drug for whatever ails you) for the ever increasing problem of chronic illness. Certainly, there have been some breathtaking discoveries.  The operative question “however” is this:  Is the average American any healthier?

We now have the costliest health care system in the world.  However, we rank very low in overall health and mortality as compared to the rest of the world.  Most Americans are taking multiple prescriptions…feeling some better but not getting healthier.  Ask around and see if you can find someone who actually feels healthy.

I doubt the above comments are going to hold me in high esteem with my medical colleagues.  However, it’s time we all faced the reality of the ever-increasing burden of chronic disease upon our population and economy.  It’s time we consider a fresh approach.

“I Have a Dream”…famous words from a great man.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream that is being realized long after his death.  I think we all hold on to dreams of how we would like things to be.  I know I do, and I would like to share my dream with you.  Maybe it’s crazy because it’s so big, but I believe that if we shoot for the stars, even if we miss, and hit the moon, life will still be better for your children and grandchildren and their children.

My dream is that, by improving the health of women, she will in turn help improve the health of her children, who will bear the next future generation and begin the reversal of mankind’s downward spiral of health.

In my heart, I believe that the natural state of these God created bodies (“fearfully and wonderfully made”…Ps. 139:14) is one of full and vibrant health.  I believe we should arise each morning full of “vim and vigor” ready to do what needs to get done with energy left for the family at day’s end.  I believe the only awareness we have of our bodies should be from our five senses.  I believe we shouldn’t be burdened by lack of energy, brain fog, pain, or any symptom of illness.  I believe we should be prepared and able to perform that to which we are called by our Creator.

Whoa!  I must be writing about heaven?  No.  I think heaven will be so much better that we can’t even begin to imagine.  I’m talking about right now, on this earth, in our lifetime.  Yes, I believe it is possible to lead a healthy, vibrant, pain free life.  But, I don’t believe this dream will be realized unless we make some major changes in our attitudes about health care.

We must take responsibility for our own health.  We can start by giving our bodies genuine replacement parts.  No, I’m not talking about the amazing world of transplants.  I’m talking about the fundamental replacement parts that our bodies use to rebuild themselves cell by cell on a daily basis.  That would be…REAL FOOD.  What?!  FOOD?!

Yep, that’s right.  We’re made up of nothing more than a head of lettuce, some carrot, broccoli, tomato, cow, pig, chicken, etc.  You get the idea?  Every cell of every body is made from the food you eat.  If you eat junk…junk is what you get—sickness, pain and disease.

Of course, I am oversimplifying, but, we don’t need to get complicated.  Eat better – get healthier.  That’s it.  If you start feeding your body the foods which supply the proper building blocks and remove the foods that create inflammation and rot, it will begin the process of rebuilding.  Improved health is the natural, wonderful outcome.  Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?  Ah, but it is true, as demonstrated by the results gained at Women’s Nutritional Health Center on a daily basis.

Oh sure, there are those of you who have fed your body so poorly for so many years that you may never be what one would consider “well,” but the improvements you can make are “real health improvements,” not just a suppression of symptoms.  You can then continue to build health on that foundation of “real health improvements.”

How then do we finally fix the so called “health care crisis?”  We don’t.  We fix ourselves.  We take responsibility for our own health.  We get healthier and then we don’t need the system as it presently operates.  The system must then change itself from the expensive model of “sickness care” to the affordable model of “health care.”  I think economists call it “supply and demand.”

Crazy, crazy, crazy you might say.  Maybe I am.  But I have a dream.  I dream of being involved in improving the health of our community by first improving the health of women who will in turn set the example for their children, immediate family, their extended family and friends, and thus our community.

Read more each month in Tri-Cities Health & Wellness Magazine about how Women’s Nutritional Health Center can help you improve your health, the health of your children, family and friends.  God Bless

Over the past year this is my list:
• Heart Palpitations for 10 years – multiple tests and a whole lot of money spent on regular doctors – Problem RESOLVED
• Mystery bumps on feet – two other doctors were clueless – Problem RESOLVED
• Leg cramps when exercising – Problem RESOLVED
• Achilles tendon pain for 8 years – I was told I might need surgery.  Pain GONE!
• Knee/shoulder/ankle – aches and pains – HEALED!
• Mental Focus – could not read a book or complete tasks – completed a 1,000 page book

Most of these chronic problems I had decided I just had to live with.  Now I know that is not true.  If it hurts, itches or just feels weird, I ask Dr. Ward, no matter how small it is. Brenda O.

I first came to Women’s Nutritional Health Center because I was obese (ugly word, Huh?) and I had no energy, severe swelling and could not breathe or walk very well.  See I’m only 4’11” and weighed 260 pounds.  It was found I had allergies to wheat, soy, rye and sugar.  Once I eliminated those from my diet (sugar took the longest), I started losing weight, feeling better, had tons of energy, and I could breathe and walk!!  I’ve since lost a whooping 100+ pounds!! Being 40 is not as bad as I thought.  I feel and look better than I EVER have!  Thank God.  I feel blessed to have been led to Women’s Nutritional Health Center.  Thank you!  Thank you!  You’ve given me quality of life.  Becky T.

I’ve always heard that the “proof is in the pudding.”  Let me share my past pudding—fibromyalgia, lack of sleep, feeling tired, and type 2 diabetes, just to name a few.  At that point in time, all I wanted to eat was something sweet, knowing full well this was harming my body.  Within the first two weeks after starting the WNHC program, changes began occurring in my body.  Pain started going away from the fibromyalgia.  Trips in the car started to become less painful.  I began to have more energy.  I slept better—all night.  Blood work showed my test for diabetes was in normal range…first time in several years and my cholesterol had dropped by 35 points.  Today and every day since starting the nutritional program, I thank God that he put Women’s Nutritional Health Center in my path.  Judy S.

Women’s Nutritional Health Center
413 East Unaka Avenue, Johnson City, TN  37601
423-202-6216 | www.womensnutritionalhealthcenter.com

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